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Utah spring football podcast! Hello, Block U!

Our debut podcast on Block U introduces us to the community, and then we dive into some spring football talk! Offense, defense, special teams, you name it, we cover it in episode one for this week!

Winged in Spring: Four Things To Watch For

Michigan remains in search of change. Saturday's spring game should provide insight in regards to Team 135's upcoming season.


SPURS AMRY'S Plan of ATTACK: 4-3-2-1

At work I was sitting at my desk, completing tax returns, when my mind wondered to one of its many dream worlds. SPURSLAND! There I was left thinking of what would be a fun formation for our...

Team 135's D-Line needs Willie Henry

Big Willie Style for Team 135? For the sake of the D-Line, let's hope so...Watch out for Willie Henry, who is among Mattison's young guns.

Gopher Football to be on 100.3 KFAN through 2016

The University of Minnesota and Clear Channel reached an agreement to extent their current Gopher Football radio contract through the 2016 season! The Gophers will once again be heard on 100.3 KFAN in the Twin Cities.

Dri Archer Nearly Breaks NFL Combine Record for 40-Yard Dash

Dri Archer came into the 2014 NFL Combine with a goal of breaking Chris Johnson's record time in the 40-yard dash. The time to beat was 4.24 seconds, and Archer almost made good on his goal.

In his first run, he clocked an unofficial time of 4.29 seconds. His second run was even better (4.28 seconds). When the official numbers were announced, his best time was revised to 4.26.

That's right -- Dri Archer was just two one-hundredths of a second slower than Chris Johnson.

The video speaks for itself (and includes both of his runs), but there are two more you need to see.

First, NFL Network compared Archer's run against that of Marquise Goodwin, last year's champ in the 40. To do this, they "simulcast" the two runs, one on top of the other.

Second, NFL Network released a video about Archer's overall performance, with some views of him in the other drills.

You certainly can't say that they're not going him (and the MAC) his due publicity.

As for Chris Johnson, he tweeted about Archer...

Can't lie archer had the boi nervous

— Chris Johnson (@ChrisJohnson28) February 23, 2014

Five things John Fontana loves about hockey

A few years ago, Puck Daddy ran a series about why bloggers love hockey. Raw Charge has decided to take that up asking that question of its own bloggers. Here's John Fontana's response.


Selection Dilemma On the Rise

Seeing Raphael Varane return versus Atletico Madrid was only good news for Madridistas. Moreover, Carvajal put in a disciplined display on the right hand flank, while Arbeloa covered the left due...


2013 Husker Football Highlights!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gwLADJez8I 2013 Nebraska Football (via James Wightman) I am nobody important really, but after several months of work I'm finally done with this video...

GIF: Reason For De Fanti Firing!


Roberto De Fanti was sensationally fired for harassing Sunderland's Italian international Emanuele Giaccherini! (thanks to crazycallum90 on SMB).

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