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Gif Recap: Redskins OT Win via "That's So Raven"


Recapping the highs and lows...and super highs in animated gifs from the hit Disney TV show, That's So Raven.

Notre Dame Road Stadium Tour: FedEx Field


Will Notre Dame's game at FedEx Field be a virtual home game for the Irish? We take a look at the home of the Washington Redskins.

June 29th Jump Off


Down the Drive June 29th Jump Off: More UC football predictions, UC WRs, WVU at James Madison?, CFB vs. NFL, and more!

Great Deal for Sports Bar in DC area on Saturday


There have been a number of discussions in fanposts about good places to go in DC after the game on Saturday. Today, Groupon released a deal for the Hard Times Cafe, which is a sports bar in the area that has numerous locations. The deal is you buy the coupon for $12 and get a $25 gift card, If you're not familiar with groupon, its been named recently by Forbes as the fastest growing company, ever. It combines group buying power into awesome discounts. Anyway, thought fellow PSU'ers in town might be interested in the deal. This is good at all but one of their DC locations but I specifically recommend the Arlington location which has been renovated and has a great sports bar with lots of TVs.

Penn State Football Coming To Washington D.C. In 2010


Although not exactly, because FedExField is in Maryland, but I still love this. Game will be against Indiana on November 20, 2010; the Hoosiers moved their home game for a cash grab of around $3 million.

First Steps Being Taken to Bring Redskins Back into D.C.??


Reportedly, team officials have been in "intense and private discussions" with officials in the District about building a large playing and practice facility in the city where RFK currently sits.

Are the Redskins Trying to Be Blacked Out On Local TV?


Dan Snyder has changed the rules of tailgating. This has outraged the diehard, core group of season ticket holders, a group we are among.

Special Event Journal: Powerade's Pro Game Day Experience at FedEx Field with Jason Campbell


Greetings Hogs Haven readers, it's Ben from Curly R, I had a chance to attend a special event today with Jason Campbell, I took some photos and video and got a couple of minutes to talk with Jason...

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