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Breaking Down the Redskins Draft Situation; Interview with Mocking the Draft


A better evaluation of the Redskins draft situation including if there are any likely trade candidates and if OL is worth #4 money.

Bill Simmons Comments on Redskins Woes, Not Fond of Dan Snyder


We talked to Bill Simmons about the Redskins during his book signing, and he does not think highly of Snyder.

Doc Walker Interviews Sonny: Don't Blame the Offensive Line


Former Redskins Doc Walker and Sonny Jurgensen break down the Skins draft and their issue with Jason Campbell

Clinton Portis Talks Sanchez in Interview with NFL Live crew


Clinton Portis addresses the Sanchez debate in Washington D.C.

Vinny Cerrato Voted Master Salesman By...Vinny Cerrato


The likelihood of the Redskins selecting Mark Sanchez is still undetermined, but anything is possible with Vinny Cerrato leading the draft.

So when do I get to be on Around The Horn?


This is a self-important post but anytime I get my name splattered somewhere near actually employed sports writers, it's something of an accomplishment for me. A couple weeks ago ESPN The Magazine...

Darrell Green is the people's choice, and they're wrong


Via TORB (Gymnast of the Apocalypse!), Darrell Green is the people's choice: The results are in on ESPN SportsNation’s “Franchise Players” poll, which purports to determine the “best of all time...

The Stache Featured on ESPN.com


Some of that nature comes from the laid-back southern vibe he developed while growing up in Mississippi. The rest of it comes from ample life experience. After all, Campbell is once again learning another offense -- for the third time in four NFL seasons no less. And, once again, he's taking it in stride, as if change will always be the one constant in his career.

Best CB Duo in the NFL


KC Joyner of ESPN's insider breaks down the best CB duo's by using math. And I told my 7th grade teacher that math was useless. Coming in at #2 and only 0.02 pts away from being first: Fred Smoot/Shawn Springs Net Att: 158 Net Yds:928 YPA:5.9

ESPN ranks top RB's and on cue I disagree


Portis comes in at #9 on their list. I don't even want to get into some of the chumps they've got ranked higher. It's when I read: missing blocks in pass protection that my gears really started to grind.

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