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How Vinny Cerrato Would Handle Redskins 2011 Free Agency Frenzy


A satirical look at how Cerrato would handle Redskins 2011 free agency period.

Comparing Mark Cuban and Dan Snyder


Mark Cuban have a lot in common with how they made their money and how they run their teams, but how they treat their players is the glaring difference.

Summing Up The Mike Shanahan Era via Game Shows


Many game show titles match the drama of Redskins Park the last 18 months. These photoshops hit the nail on the head.

Lorenzo Alexander Explains Core Changes in Redskins Front Office


Lorenzo Alexander sheds light on how Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan have amde a push to reward players that are working hard and doing a better job of screening incoming players.

Mark Schlereth Sheds Light on Shanahan's Ego & Why the Redskins Traded for McNabb


ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth explains how Mike Shanahan thought he could change McNabb and Haynesworth.

Hogs Haven Interview with Redskins Owner Dan Snyder: Part II


In the second part of our interview with Redskins owner Dan Snyder, we raise a few of the issues that fans have been itching to get answers on, including Cerrato, Zorn, t-shirt incident, and when...

Redskins Woes in Tom Cruise Movie Posters (Pictures)


With Tom Cruise and Dan Snyder so close, we summed up the Redskins season in photoshopped movie posters Tom Cruise starred in.

Washington Redskins Fans Unite; The Revolution: Day 16 - Part One of Our Initial Salvo


Washington Redskins fans, in their effort to identify with something positive and hopeful, are uniting to begin a Revolution. This coalition of faithful fans promises to stand by their team, but...

Are the Redskins Trying to Be Blacked Out On Local TV?


Dan Snyder has changed the rules of tailgating. This has outraged the diehard, core group of season ticket holders, a group we are among.

Is Washington Redskins' Vinny Cerrato a Watered-down Matt Millen? (Comparison Chart)


I put together a matrix chart comparing Vinny Cerrato and Matt Millen. They have a lot in common over their tenures!

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