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Redskins Free Time: Golf and Camps

OTAs are over and now we enter vacation time. Two things are on the radar. Chris Cooley's football camp for kids in Fairfax, June 13-14, and Bobby Mitchell's Hall of Fame Golf Classic.  I'll...

Nightmare Scenario Unfolding: Hey-Bey to work out with Eagles

Eagles to bring in local product Darrius Heyward-Bay for private workout.

In this election season, my ticket is Monk-Portis

It's time to get democratic, which, to steal a line from Winston Churchill, is the worst way to make decisions except for all the others besides slug racing. Here is the deal... The American...

Did you hear that Vinny Cerrato has a radio show? Cool story, bro.

Typical blogging behavior: You read a thousand things about the same subject, get flustered over the coverage, and then become part of the problem by complaining about it. This is foolish of me,...

Please grow a mustache, do it for Art Monk

For those of you unawares of the American Mustache Institute you need to get aware like fast. Reader(s) are well aware that despite my early trepidation with the AMI, their willingness to engage in...

Darrell Green is the people's choice, and they're wrong

Via TORB (Gymnast of the Apocalypse!), Darrell Green is the people's choice: The results are in on ESPN SportsNation’s “Franchise Players” poll, which purports to determine the “best of...

Vote for who you think is the best Redskins player ever

Who is the greatest in Redskins history? I voted for Sammy Baugh.


Hogs Haven in Canton: For One Day Redskins Owned an Ohio Town and I Was at Ground Zero

[Note by Skin Patrol, 08/05/08 9:09 AM EDT ] Many thanks to CptChaosSidekick for posting his Canton thoughts here at Hogs Haven. Edited a bit, enjoy. Friday August, 1st, the day before I was...

Colts/Redskins recap: So Jim Zorn coaches quarterbacks?

Let's get this out of the way: Your Head Coach wins his game-calling debut 30-16 and his quarterbacks play out of their minds, the hyperbole will run wild. So that I don't have to keep reminding...


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