How Much Ass Can a Rebuilding Team Kick?


Preseason success is hard to translate into regular season wins. But the Washington Redskins have shown that they might be farther along than their age and experience would suggest.

Which Potential Redskins Free Agent Would You Bring Back?


There will be an ocean of free agents to choose from when the lockout ends. The Redskins have their own baby pool of options from their own roster to choose to bring back---which player should they...

NFL 2010 Playoffs Bracket Contest


NFL Playoff bracket picture and contest.

NFL 2010-2011 Playoff Picture Bracket Contest


A look at the playoff picture.

Game Film Shows Redskins Abandoned the 3-4 & Sustained Lots of Pressure


Detailed collection of stats, video, and still shots show the Redskins primarily rushed 4 or 5 defenders and were able to maintain pressure consistently with it.

So I Owe Mike Shanahan An Apology...Sort of...


Shanahan saved face for one week with Grossman's ability to run the offense, but Dallas' defense is horrible and the next two weeks are the real test.

Redskins Cowboys Preview: 5 Good Questions with Cowboys Nation


Cowboys film guru gives us the weak spots for the Cowboys offensively and defensively, so you can expect what to see from Haslett and Shanahan.

Redskins Lunchbox: Buccaneers Preview & A Message for Bruce Allen


Video preview breaking down Tampa Bay and a message to Bruce Allen about all the draft picks we've traded away.

5 Redskins Players Mike Shanahan is Grossly Misusing


With the Redskins struggling mightly on offense and defense, it's clear as day what players are being used incorrectly.

The Daily Norseman Answers Our 5 Questions for Redskins/Vikings Matchup


Vikings journalist answers our questions regarding the holes along the Vikes OL and DL.


Redskins Lunchbox: Video Preview of Titans Game


We breakdown what went wrong vs Philly and what to expect vs Tennessee.

Andy Reid's Record 2 Weeks After a BYE is Not Impressive


Andy Reid's Eagles have not played well as of late the second week out of a BYE.

Redskins Currently Have Worst Red Zone % in Their Last 10 Years; But There is Some Good News


A breakdown of the Redskins red zone stats over the last decade.

Handicapping the Rest of the Redskins 2010 Season


We break down our next 8 opponents and make predictions on each game.

Xfinity Survey


A message from our sponsor... As a valued partner of SB Nation and this site, XFINITY is once again looking for your opinion. As XFINITY continues its sponsorship of this blog during the 2010...

Redskins Finally Have a WR Over 6' Tall; UFL WR Taurus Johnson Signed to Practice Squad


In what's expected to be a busy week for roster moves for Washington being on the BYE, they already make 1 move.

Previewing the Redskins vs Lions Game with Pride of Detroit Blog


Detroit journalist answers our questions regarding key matchups to beat the Lions.

Chicago Journalist Sheds Light on the Bears OL Adjustments vs Redskins


Bears journalist sheds some light on expected changes Mike Martz will make to compensate for an inferior OLine.

Charting the Redskins Pass Distribution vs the Packers


A graphical look of how the Redskins distributed the ball versus the Packers.

Updates on Packers Injuries and Backup Scenarios via AcmePacking


Packers blogger fills us in on the matchup scenarios given all of Green Bay's injuries.

DeAngelo Hall Sounds Off on Jim Haslett...For Good Reason


DeAngelo Hall sounds off on Jim Haslett's scheme to not line him against Andre Johnson on all plays.

Xfinity is offering a Free View of the RedZone channel this weekend


As you know, the Xfinity RedZone has been a big sponsor for us. Well, I'm glad to share that there's some free action to go along with all the talk. This Sunday, we're all going to get a free look...

Daily Slop: Wade Phillips Gets Blasted for Play-Calling; Redskins Shuffled OLine Consistently


Wade Phillips takes blame for end-of-half mistake | Dallas Cowboys Blog"That's my fault before the half," Phillips said. "We should've taken a knee ... the right thing to do was go in 3-0 and we...

Rival Chat: Cowboys Questions Answered on OLine And Covering Davis & Cooley


Cowboys blogger answers our questions regarding the patchwork OLine.

XFINITY Presents an Exclusive Q&A With NFL RedZone Host Scott Hanson


As you guys know, Comcast is one of our biggest sponsors and has been promoting their Red Zone Channel to the SB Nation family. They passed along an interview with their host, Scott Hanson, who was...

Snide Debate: What Redskin Is Going to Cover Jason Witten?


A look at what defensive players for the Redskins can handle the tall order of covering Pro-Bowl TE Jason Witten.

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