Redskins Best and Worst

Fans vote on who the best and worst Redskin is at each position.

Sights and Sounds from the Redskins Draft Day Party


Video and pictures from Fedex Field including RG3 singing Hail to the Redskins, interviews with fans, and jersey fails from the crowd.

Who's Your Favorite Redskins Player Of The 2000's?


A poll gauging who is the most popular Redskin of the 2000s now that Cooley's run with the Redskins is likely over.

Who's The Worst Redskins Head Coach Of All-Time?


We need a fearless leader for our band of misfits. Who's the right man to lead this all-time worst Redskins team to a 1-15 record and the #1 overall pick in the draft? You know we won that one game...

Who's The Worst Redskins Punter Of All-Time?


I only have about 15 more polls to post here today, so hang in there. I'm only kidding, I have just a few more to go. The only enjoyment you'll get from this post is the Theismann video right here....

Who's The Best Redskins Punter Of All-Time?


I've narrowed the list at this position down to 3 guys...which wasn't very hard to do. We have a guy from the 90's, from the 70's and the 40's. That leaves some serious time gaps when the Redskins...

Who's The Redskins Worst Kicker Of All-Time?


This is almost painful to look at...nothing I can't stand worse than a Kicker who can't kick! Let's take a quick look at the nominees: Jeff Hall - Picked in the 6th round in 1999, he never played...

Who's The Best Redskins Kicker Of All-TIme


We need to finish our teams so I'm going to be hijacking HH today with several polls for our final positions. This could be a runaway here but there may be some sympathy votes for Shaun Suisham....

Who's The Worst Redskins DT Of All-Time?


The nominees are: Bobby Wilson - 1st round pick in 1991 who played 4 lackluster seasons in DC. The real kicker is Ted Washington was taken 8 picks later...Washington made 4 Pro Bowls and played 17...

Who's The Best Redskins DT Of All-Time?


For those of you who aren't old enough to remember players from the 80's (and before), you're really going to be lost in this vote. Fact of the matter is...the Redskins haven't had many great...

Who's The Worst Redskins DE Of All-TIme?


Here's a quick look at the candidates, for more details about their hall of fame shame careers click here. Todd Liebenstein - 4th round pick had 1.5 career sacks. Steve Hamilton - 2nd round...


Who's The Best Redskins DE Of All-Time?


"I wanted to just put his lights out, but it's just by God's grace that it happened." The Cowboys may be "America's Team"...apparently the Lord is a Redskins fan!  I love Dexter and to me he's the...

Who's The Worst Redskins LB Of All-Time?


We need to knock out this all-time best/worst roster this week, so let's pick the worst 3 linebackers for our 4-3 set. Here's your list of candidates along with their qualifications. This was...

Who's The Best Redskins LB Of All-Time?


Our all-time best/worst Redskins defense is running a 4-3, so we need 3 linebackers for our roster. I chose the 4-3 defense because I haven't been too impressed with the 3-4 that Jim Haslett is...

Who's The Worst Redskins Safety Of All-Time


To the reader who was asking where Ifeanyi Ohalete was on the all-time greatest safeties list...he wasn't there because he's on this list. Truth be told it's sometimes difficult to select...

Who's The Best Redskins Safety Of All-Time


One things for sure, the Redskins have had some great players at this position over the years. I love each one of these choices and we've got players from several different eras to choose from. The...

Who's The Worst Redskins CB Ever?


The top 2 vote-getters will make our all-time roster. To be clear, I only listed Carlos Rogers in my orginal post due to his case of the drops and other frustrations he has brought to the table....

Who Are The Best Redskins CB's Of All-Time?


Darrell Green is a lock to shutdown one side of the field on our all-time Redskins roster...if anyone has a problem with that they should keep it to themselves. So let's focus on our choice as the...

Accepting All-Time Worst Redskins TE Nominations


Consider this an open thread to nominate your choice for the Redskins all-time worst TE. I have a few names that come to mind...Zeron Flemister, Craig McEwen, Walter Rasby, Frank Wychek, Christian...

Who's The Best Redskins TE Of All-Time


Here's your choices for the best Redskins TE of all-time. Only the top vote-getter earns a spot on our all-time roster. Don Warren - 14 seasons and 193 regular season games played. 3-time Super...

Who's The Worst Redskins O-Lineman Of All-Time?


Sometimes in life we are forced to make difficult decisions, this ladies and gentleman is one of those times. Trying to choose which Redskins O-lineman is the worst of all-time is as confusing as...

Who Are The Best Redskins O-Linemen Of All-Time?


It's time to pick the Redskins all-time greatest offensive linemen. We need 5 starters and our poll only allows for us to pick one choice, so again I will make the executive decision to include R...

Who's The Worst Redskins WR Of All-Time?


It's always so much more fun to decide who're the worst players that have played for the Redskins. Let's face it...there's simply more all-time worse choices than there have been all-time greats....

Who Are The Best Redskins WR's Of All-Time?


I'm making another executive decision here, Art Monk will be a starter on our All-Time Best Redskins starting roster. I don't think anyone will have an argument about that. Now, we have to argue...

Who's The Worst Redskins RB Of All-Time?


This is where the fun starts! The top 2 running backs in our poll will be the official starters for our all-time worst Redskins squad. Will it be the guy who has just 2 more career yards rushing...

Who's The Best Redskins RB Of All-Time?


Now that we've got our starting QB's (no surprises there), it's time to choose our running backs. Our all-time team is going to be running a basic pro-set offense, so the top 2 choices will be...

Who's The Worst Redskins QB Ever?


There's only one guy who can be the leader of the Redskins all-time worst team, and it's now in your hands to choose our guy. Is it Heath Shuler, our biggest draft bust of all-time...our maybe J...

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