Redskins 2011 Draft

Stories and scout profiles chronicling the Redskins 2011 NFL draft interests.

List of 2011 NFL Draft Picks from DMV High Schools Includes a Redskin


A complete list of all the NFL players drafted from the DC area, which includes one Redskin and involves a lot of Virgina Tech Hokies.

Redskins Draft: Nice Focus on Defensive Front, But No O-linemen Until 7th Round


It was great that the Redskins had 12 picks in this year's NFL draft, after so many years with a dearth of selections. But they waited until the seventh round to draft an offensive lineman. That...

Shanahan and Belichick Have a Similarity: Drafting Team Captains


All of the Pats and Redskins top draft picks were team captains...a recipe for team success.

Hogs Haven Votes For Top Ten Redskins Draft Successes


As we noted below, our attempts to organize the thoughts and feelings of the community are beginning to take shape. We will be trying to put together a string of posts in our new "Final Answer"...

Hogs Haven Votes for Top Ten Redskins Draft Busts


We are trying to organize ourselves a little here. We figure that if we are going to go through the exercise of talking about draft busts and draft successes, we should get a Final Answer on it...

Top UDFAs That Make Sense for the Skins


Top UDFAs That Make Sense for the Skins

Pawns in the Shanaplan: Offense


Pawns in the Shanaplan: Offense

New Lincoln to DC Pipeline?


A detailed report on 3 of the Redskins draft picks from Nebraska.

Redskins Best and Worst 2011 Draft Pick


As you know as a regular reader of the site, XFINITY is a sponsor of Hogs Haven and has generously agreed to support the best NFL community around – us! In 2011, XFINITY will continue to provide a...

11 Questions I Hope To Ask Mike Shanahan About Redskins 2011 Draft


A lot of big names were still on the board that the Redskins passed over. The Redskins also only drafted 1 Offensive Lineman after a year having the worst line in the League.


List of Redskins 2011 Draft Class Players


List of all 12 Redskins draft picks.

Washington Redskins Draft Success: Quantity Over Quality? Sounds About Right


In our last Bud Light spot focusing on the successes and failures of the Washington Redskins drafts over the years, I thought I would use the space to gauge where we all are on the top picks we...

Why I Hope the Redskins Keep All Their Picks Today:


Recapping some late round and undrafted success stories in the last three years!

Redskins Draft DE Jarvis Jenkins with 41st Pick


Strengths and weaknesses of the Redskins first two of second round picks, Jarvis Jenkins.

Ryan Kerrigan's Awesome Highlight Video (to Awful Foreign House Music)


Great video compilation of Kerrigan's turnovers.

NFC East 2011 NFL Draft Roundup


Breaking down the NFC East's picks.

2011 NFL Draft Results - Redskins Get "A" for Round 1 Grade


Redskins successfully trade back and get a compliment to Orakpo.

Was the Shanaplan Revealed Last Night?


In year two, Shanahan's plan for rebuilding is becoming more clear.

Washington Redskins Top Ten Draft Successes/Busts: Ryan Kerrigan?


We have spent the last four weeks going back in Redskins history looking at proven successes and historic failures out of the draft. Today, I ask a very simple question to Hogs Haven: Which of...

Open Thread: 2011 NFL Draft - Redskins


Live chat for the draft day festivities.

What the Redskins Should Do in the Draft:


How I would draft if I were the Washington Redskins!

Rick Gosselin has the Redskins Taking Christian Ponder at #10


Latest Redskins mock draft from guru Rick Gosselin.

Matching the 2011 QB Draft Class with TV Sitcom Stars


A comical look at the 2011 QB class and how their personalities match up with sitcom stars past and present.

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