Redskins Recaps

Redskins Lose Ugly, Final Score 20-6


This game was painful to watch. Kirk Cousins looked terrible. The Giants lost at least 4 of their starting offensive players, including Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks. The Redskins were overmatched...

Redskins Recap: Redskins Lose A Heartbreaker 24-23


The Redskins played as well as the Cowboys did today, but penalties and a 4th and Goal play cost them the game. The Redskins fall to 3-12. This was a tough loss in the only game left that mattered....

Redskins Recap: Redskins Lose a Close One, 27-26


With Kirk Cousins starting today, the Redskins still struggled as a team. Turnovers and Poor special teams play still plagued this Redskins team. And after failing to convert a 2-point conversion,...

Redskins Recap: Redskins lose to Giants 24-17


Penalties and ill-timed mistakes once again doom the Redskins as they fall to 3-9 on the season.

Monday Fright Football: Redskins Get Crushed 27-6


The Redskins laid another egg on primetime TV as the offense had it all: penalties, loads of three and outs, and turnovers.

Redskins vs Eagles - A Look at the Stats


After getting routed 24-0 going into the fourth quarter, the Redskins score twice to make it a one possession game but fell short in the last seconds with a terrible interception.

Redskins-Eagles Recap: Redskins Lose 24-16


Robert Griffin III was looked uncomfortable the entire game. The Offense was inept in the first half, but they put up a valiant effort in the second half. Alfred Morris has another monster day in...

Redskins Recap: Redskins 27, Vikings 34


After a dominant performance in the first half, the Redskins completely collapse in the second half and lose on the road. The Redskins fall to 3-6.

Redskins-Chargers Recap: Redskins win 30-24


The Redskins manage to get a much-needed win after spectacular play by Pierre Garcon and crucial running in the Red Zone by Darrell Young. The Redskins move up to 3-5.

Redskins Broncos Recap: 45-21 Broncos Win


Things started off will in the game, but the Redskins offense was not able to do much in the second half. The Redskins Defense created turnovers and put up points, but the Redskins offense was...


Redskins Cowboys Recap, 31-16


The Redskins faded away in a Sunday night loss to the Cowboys. Robert Griffin III turned the ball over twice and the Redskins struggled in the red zone.

Redskins Recap: Redskins @ Oakland Raiders


The Redskins hang on to beat the Oakland Raiders. The Redskins Defense sacked Matt Flynn 7 times and scored a touchdown.

Redskins Fall 27-20 To Lions


The Washington Redskins dropped to an 0-3 record after another disappointing 27-20 loss to the Detroit Lions. Here's your game recap. First Quarter The Redskins opened the game with three corners...

Redskins Fall 38-20 To The Packers


That was one of the worst Redskins performances in Mike Shanahan's tenure in Washington. The Packers broke or equaled multiple franchise records on their way to a convincing 38-20 win over the...

Breaking Down Eagles Touchdown Passes

We look to the film to break down exactly what happened in the Redskins secondary for the Eagles two deep touchdown passes.

Breaking Down Eagles Sweep Read


Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly put one of his trademark Oregon plays on display last night: the Sweep Read. Here we break down how it works and what it's weaknesses could be.

Initial Thoughts and Observations


Well that was massively disappointing. Yes the Redskins fought back in the fourth quarter and tried to make a game of it, but they shot themselves in the foot in the first half, which they couldn't...

Bacarri Rambo Breakdown

Breaking down the performance of sixth round rookie safety Bacarri Rambo in the Redskins final preseason game against the Buccaneers.

Redskins Vs Bucs: Initial Thoughts & Observations


The Redskins wrapped up a perfect 4-0 preseason with a 30-12 win over the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay. Not many starters played, so the focus was more on the rookies and back ups. Here's my initial...

Redskins Vs Bills: Initial Thoughts & Observations


Three down, one to go in the preseason for the Washington Redskins. The Redskins remain unbeaten so far, winning this one 30-7. Here are my initial thoughts and observations from the game. One of...

Weakness of Redskins Nickel Rush Package

The Redskins have used the preseason to test out their new nickel rush package on defense. But the Steelers saw a weakness in that look and attacked it.

Barry Cofield Breakdown


Breaking down the dominate performance of Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield against Maurkice Pouncey and the Steelers.

Leonard Hankerson Breakdown


Reviewing and breaking down Leonard Hankerson's performance against the Steelers.

Redskins Vs Steelers: Thoughts & Observations


The Washington Redskins second preseason game of the 2013 season is in the books. The Redskins recorded their second (meaningless) win of the preseason with a 24-13 victory over the Steelers. But...

Breaking Down Chris Johnson's 58 Yard Touchdown


The Tennessee Titans had a couple of big touchdown runs against the Redskins in their preseason opener. We break down the film to see how what went wrong for the Redskins defense.

Chase Minnifield Breakdown


Breaking down the performance of cornerback Chase Minnifield against the Titans as he fights for a Redskins roster spot.

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