Pour Some Sugar On Me

Ten Yard Fight: 2011 Naughty or Nice Edition


It is that time of year again...when we make our Naughty and Nice lists. Where do your favorite Redskins players and coaches fall in 2011?

Ten Yard Fight: Rooting For Losses Makes You Less of a Fan


Rooting for losses is no way to practice being a good fan. This week we look at the shameful practice of rooting for draft position instead of wins.

Ten Yard Fight: Winning Games Is the Only Way We Will Learn How to Win Games


The Washington Redskins have been relegated to finding the good in losses. But good teams know that there is no such thing as a good loss.

Ten Yard Fight: Washington Redskins Turning Into Washington Generals...Let's Just Schedule the Globetrotters and Get On With It


Times are tough for Redskins fans...and there doesn't appear to be any magical solution either.

Hogs Haven Embraces Importance of Community


It is easy to forget that the community we have formed at Hogs Haven reaches deeper into our members' lives than just football. Today, we embrace the importance of serving that community in times...

Ten Yard Fight: Question of When, Not If, London Fletcher Lands on Redskins Ring of Fame


London Fletcher has earned his spot among the greatest Redskins. We discuss this as well as Washington's chances this week against the upstart 49ers in this edition of Ten Yard Fight.

Sucks for Luck: Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck Inching Closer and Closer to Unenviable Situation


We have all heard about the "Suck for Luck" strategy that either will or won't be employed by NFL teams between now and the end of the season. Today, we examine the unenviable position that Andrew...

Ten Yard Fight: Mike Shanahan's On the Cool Seat; Chris Cooley Set for HUGE 2012 Season--As a Redskin!


This week's Ten Yard Fight discusses why Mike Shanahan has nothing to worry about when it comes to his job and also talks about some realistic expectations for this team down the stretch.

Don't Look Now Redskins Fans, But the Forecast for 2012: Hazy, With a 99% Chance of Quarterback Controversy


Redskins fans can argue over Beck versus Grossman until they are blue in the face. Ultimately, neither quarterback can prevent an inevitable controversy in 2012.

Ten Yard Fight: Worst...Quarterback Controversy ... EVER


Here's ten reasons why the current Washington Redskins quarterback controversy is not only a waste of time, but also insanely annoying.

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