Open Threads

Redskins vs Browns: 2nd Half Open Thread


The 2nd half of the game is always more exciting that the first in preseason right?

Sunday Preseason Football Open Thread


There are two games on today featuring 4 playoff teams from last season.

Saturday Preseason Football Open Thread


The 3rd day of a 5 day stretch of preseason football. The Cowboys and Giants both play tonight at 7 PM.

Friday Night Preseason Football Open Thread


The face off tonight against the New England Patriots, and 3 other games to pretend to care about.

Saturday Preseason Football Open Thread


Preseason football for the third day in a row!

Preseason Football Open Thread


There are six games on tonight, including a division game.

Redskins vs Patriots Preseason: 2nd Half Thread


The Redskins lead the Patriots 13-0 after 2 quarters.

Redskins vs Patriots Preseason Game Open Thread


The 2014 season officially kicks off tonight for the Redskins and Patriots

NFL Combine Drills Day 3 Open Thread


The 3rd day of on the field drills will include Linebackers and Defensive Linemen. Both are areas of need this year for the Redskins.

NFL Combine Drills Day 2 Open Thread


Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Wide Receivers take the stage today. Can one of these pass catchers be a target for the Redskins at pick 34?


Open Thread: Redskins at Packers - 1st Quarter

Live in game discussion for the Redskins vs Packers game.

Open Thread: Redskins at Bucs - Second Half


Live in game discussion for the second half.

2nd Half Open Thread: Steelers at Redskins


Live in game discussion for the second half.


1st Half Open Thread: Steelers at Redskins

Live in game discussion.


Open Thread: Redskins @ Titans

Live in game discussion.

Undrafted Free Agency Open Thread


The NFL Draft is over! It's been a long couple of days, but the Redskins aren't ready to go home just yet. A somewhat unforgotten part of the draft is undrafted free agency. This begins the moment...

NFL Draft 7th Round Open Thread


The Redskins got fantastic value with Bacarri Rambo in the sixth round. I'm not sure how he and Philip Thomas will both fit given they both are probably better at free safety than strong, but you...

NFL Draft 6th Round Open Thread


The Redskins kept both of their fifth round picks and added explosive guys on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. However, both guys are coming off big injuries, so have a significant...

NFL Draft 5th Round Open Thread


Well the Redskins landed their free safety in Philip Thomas in the fourth round, but the draft isn't over yet. There is still plenty of talent left on the board. >>> Link to the draft board <<< H...

NFL Draft 4th Round Open Thread


Day three of the NFL draft gets underway soon with the Redskins scheduled to have five more picks today. I do wonder if they use their extra fifth round pick to move up in the fourth to grab one of...

NFL Draft 3rd Round Open Thread

That was an interesting second round to say the least. The Redskins made their first pick and took cornerback David Amerson at 51 overall. They have the 85th overall pick which is the 23rd pick of...

Senior Bowl Open Thread


The Senior Bowl is just about under way. It's our last chance to get to see college prospects in full pads in a competitive game situation. The result of the game isn't massively important, but it...

Sunday Divisional Round Open Thread


It's been a very entertaining first half in this Seahawks Falcons game. One particular highlight came from Roddy White burning Richard Sherman and then talking smack to him afterwards. That...

Saturday Divisional Round Games Open Thread


Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos(-9), 4:30 p.m. EST (CBS) Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers(-3), 8 p.m. EST (FOX)


1st Half Open Thread: Redskins@ Browns

Redskins going for 5 wins in a row....Browns 4.


1st Half Open Thread: Ravens @ Redskins

Here's the link to the Game Preview with all the stats and tv/radio info. Expect a LOT of Ravens fans to be at the game too. I'm guessing 50/50 bad. Here's a hype video from our good friend, Rev...

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