Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary: Day 117 -- Redskins Stand to Benefit From Post-Lockout Sloppiness


The Redskins have had a down decade, and don't appear to be in contention for a Super Bowl anytime soon. But with the rest of the league potentially set to fight Post-Lockout Sloppiness, the...

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary: This Sony PS3 Madden Lockout is KILLING Me


The Sony Madden Lockout is crushing me. I know, I know...people keep telling me to switch to XBox 360 and be done with it. But what about my team? I can't just abandon my online franchise. It is...

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary: Forty Days and Forty Nights in the NFL Desert


The NFL Lockout rages on, but football fans can still hang their hopes and dreams on the Draft. For Redskins fans, this year's draft will offer a great chance to see which direction Bruce Allen and...

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary--Biggest Opening Day for Major League Baseball Since 1994ish


As the Lockout wears on, it is not lost on this writer that for the first time since baseball returned from their disastrous strike in 1994, they have a legitimate chance to grow their sport.

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Week Two Proves That Absence Makes the Heart Forget


The NFL will be back and we will be watching and rooting again soon enough. But the longer this thing goes, the bigger the risk that when it does come back, the NFL will not find the same class of...

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Days 5 & 6 Presented by Krush Groove


Day 5 -- Wednesday, March 16th Ask and ye shall receive. I offered a sponsorship opportunity to interested Hogs Haven readers and received a quick response from the Promotions Director at 93.5...

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Day 4


As the NFL Lockout rolls on, this daily journal tracks the thoughts and plans of a football fan forced to deal with life without the NFL.

Ken Meringolo's Lockout Diary -- Days 2 & 3


Day 2 -- Sunday, March 12 The first Sunday of the NFL Lockout featured a timely performance by the Washington Capitals. Sundays in September will of course have no regular season NHL options, but...

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