Fantasy Football

Redskins Fantasy Starters vs Vikings

If fantasy football still matters to you at this point, then you're probably set to make some big money. We've all been in a championship game before and naturally, we obsess with every single...

Are Any Redskins Starting Today in Any Fantasy Leagues?

With the Redskins offense in disarray with the two suspensions and the Redskins D facing Tom Brady, is any Redskin startable?

Redskins Suspensions Have Fantasy Implications

In addition to losing two solid players from our...ahem...high-octane offense, there are other issues that stem from the benching of Fred Davis and Trent Williams. That's right...there are fantasy...

Which Redskin Offers the Most Fantasy Upside Down the Stretch?

In fantasy football leagues worldwide, the playoffs are quickly approaching. What I always find most interesting about this time of year is how the make-up of fantasy rosters seem radically...

Which Fantasy Player Would You Rather Start?

It's gameday and Kevin and I are on our way to FedEx Field as I write this. Today's "Who Would You Start?" fantasy question is a little different. Put simply: Do you have any rules when it comes to...

Which Fantasy Player Would You Rather Start? Roy Helu vs. Miami Defense

It's that time of the week. The Washington offense has been dreadful to watch, but Roy Helu put together an exciting fantasy performance last week against San Francisco. Would you be willing to...

Which Wide Receiver Will Have the Bigger Fantasy Day--Michael Crabtree or Jabar Gaffney?

This week's fantasy toss-up features a pair of receivers that have failed to wow this season. Jabar Gaffney had four catches for 40 yards against Buffalo as the "number one" for Washington. Against...

Which Fantasy Defense Would You Rather Start: Buffalo Bills or Washington Redskins?

Every week we pose a fantasy football question that at least one commenter inevitably suggests is a waste of the pixels it takes to post the question. Which begs the question: What about the pixels it takes to ask the question about whether or not the original question was a waste of pixels?

Which Fantasy Quarterback Stands To Have the Best Day On Sunday: John Beck or Cam Newton

This is the "Sleeper" fantasy post of the week. One could argue that Cam Newton has fallen out of sleeper status thanks to his huge fantasy stats already this season. Against the Redskins defense...

Fantasy Sleeper Danny Amendola Hits Snooze Button Until 2012

Since the Redskins are on a bye this week, and this post is a fantasy post in nature, I decided to cry in my beer tonight a little. I really thought I had my fellow fantasy owners by the short and...

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