Oneida Indians schedule meeting with United Nations regarding Redskins nickname

All sides of the issue shared various dialogue with United Nation Officials over the Redskins namesake, I personally don't think the U.N can do anything about. This does however make the subject that much more intriguing with the added pressures.

Very good and detailed head coach candidate primer by Daily Norseman

Saw this on twitter. There are a few candidates that I haven't seen discussed here much. Very good resource.

Is Tony Romo out for remainder of the 2013 season?

Rumor is he has a herniated disc. Some reports say he's out, some from cowboys-day to day. All info via ESPN and far so ....? As one who has had 4 back surgeries, I can't yell yea! But, was looking forward to seeing him submarine, again. Now, I hope he recovers so we can beat him next year.

Jordan Reed to IR

The Redskins shut down their rookie WR due to concussion issues. Kirk Cousins will have to go the rest of the season without a top TE option.

Report: Art Briles is Not Coming to D.C.

Dan Steinberg transcribed Peter King and Schefter reporting the latest news, including Art Briles and Jon Gruden being out.

SMB Podcast 34.5: The Assassination of RG3 by the Crackhead Rob Ford

(Disclaimer: Today's episode is brought to you by Bethesda Bagels, the greatest bagels in the entire world.)In today's episode, Dave and I talk about yesterday's embarrassing loss to the Chiefs. We quickly move on to discuss crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's fandom with the Redskins and his thoughts on RG3. From there, we have Sully, South Boston's favorite son, to talk about the Yankees and Red Sox latest moves and whether Jacoby Ellsbury is a "TRADER". After that, we have the Kobe Quote of the Week and whether Nick Young should be fearful of Kobe. Finally and as always, we have listener e-mail. Live from my mom's basement, it's Suck My Baltche Podcast!

Wise: Mike Shanahan tried to stick with Robert Griffin III, and might have lost him instead

Mike Wise digs deep with some contacts on how the fallout from the SEA game is still affecting RGII and Shanahan.

Orakpo Opens Up on How He is Used and Responsibilities

Brian Orakpo has gotten a lot of criticism for not being effective (especially from me), but as he brings to light in this interview, he is following his responsibilities and does not have the same freedoms as Suggs and Ware.


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