Juggernaut Index, No. 11: Washington - Yahoo Sports


"Of course it's also hard to imagine Griffin failing to deliver respectable per-game fantasy numbers when surrounded by Washington's excellent collection of starting receivers. Head coach Jay Gruden helped Andy Dalton deliver QB1 numbers last year, you'll recall. Surely Gruden can coax similar fantasy results from Griffin, right? We aren't likely to see as many designed runs for RG3 this season, if any, but it's clear enough that he can still improvise and scramble effectively as needed. He's capable of giving us 550-or-so rushing yards if he can remain on the field, and he clearly has arm enough to take advantage of DeSean Jackson's deep skills. Griffin's setup is outstanding. His recent tape, somewhat less outstanding. His injury risk, not insignificant."

Colt Brennan Tries to Bring Football Greatness to L.A.


Former Redskins preseason All-Star has taken his talents to L.A. where he tried out for the L.A. Kiss. The team, owned by Kiss members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, is the focus of a reality show on AMC called "4th and Loud" Brennan brought his greatness to the team and it can be summed up with these quotes. "Obviously, Colt Brennan, huge career," Bailey said while going over the list of players in training camp with McMillen in January. " … He has the ability to be [expletive] dynamic in this league." "When I left college, I was the most accurate and most efficient quarterback to ever play the game," Brennan said. "I just blew it up." Godspeed Mr. Brennan, and if you're not busy the Mason/Brennan Awards ceremony is only a few weeks away...

RGIII Gets Autographs from Cancer Survivors


A pair of cancer survivors were at Redskins training camp, and Robert Griffin III asked them to sign his cleats. Vincent Silver, Jr. and Evan Washo gave their autographs to RGIII, and he promised that he would send them a pair of his shoes in their favorite color soon. On Saturday, 18-year old Jamia Johnson attended Redskins Training Camp through Make-A-Wish, and he asked for her autograph as well. Johnson was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease and signed Griffin's practice jersey. She spent the day watching practice, catching passes from RGIII, and running a race against him.

Head of NFL Officiating Dean Blandino Enjoys the Cowboys Party Bus


Dean Blandino took over as the Director of NFL officiating last year. Two days ago he was partying in LA with Cowboys Vice President Stephen Jones, Fox Sports Jay Glazer, and a group of ladies they picked up in the club. Understandably this did not go over too well with executives for other NFL teams. There might be a slight conflict of interest issue that Blandino and the Cowboys don't want to discuss. "So, should I have my owner take him to a strip club when he visits us?" asked one team official, hypothetically. "Is that how it works? We like Dean a lot, but let me tell you, if that was him out with (the owner of a rival of the club this official works for), my owner would be going nuts. This just can't happen.

Riggo and the Hogs Drinking and Eating Pizza in New Commercial


Papa Johns(obviously) has a new commercial featuring Riggo and the rest of the Hogs recreating the infamous 5 O'Clock Club in the back of an 18 wheeler. Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby, Jeff Bostic and Doc Walker are in the back, drinking and eating pizza while the Diesel drives the rig.

Donovan McNabb Will Call Games For Fox; Killing Us One Cliche At A Time


The only thing that Donovan McNabb ever did right in Washington was provide the draft pick that turned into Alfred Morris. And in an interesting twist, we can all blame Mike Shanahan for this brilliant idea. He reportedly turned down the job, opening up the door for Donovan "You can't tie in OT" McNabb to explain the game of football to TV audiences on Sundays.

Jerruh Jones Shows Sense of Humor


Jerruh sends season ticket holders commemorative playoff tickets that can serve as the template for hope-filled tattoos in Cowboys Nation. Year, Team and Location subject to change...

DeSean Jackson featured on Redskins vs Eagles Game Tickets


The Redskins make sure visiting fans from Philadelphia see their discarded star when they come to FedEx Field in December.

List of Big Name Teamless Players - not that we should


Ed Reed And James Harrison are the oldest in this group as age and injuries appear to be the main reason most of these guys are unemployed. Eric Winston appears to be the youngest and only one worthy of consideration, that is if his head is in the game. Let's be honest 3 teams in 3 years has to be some kind of red flag.

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