Boldly Hoping

Boldly Hoping--The Value of Playoff Relevance To Our Fanbase


Playoff relevance has a way of empowering a team, its fanbase and an entire sports town. If the Redskins can achieve competitiveness in 2012, a negative national perception could be changed and the...

Boldly Hoping: Will Robert Griffin III Win Games the Way He Is Winning Hearts and Minds?


Will Robert Griffin III be able to win games with the same level of success as he is at winning hearts and minds?

Don't Call It A Comeback: Unexpected Pro Bowler


Hogs Haven looks at who can become a surprise Pro Bowler for the Redskins in 2013.

Don't Call It A Comeback: Unexpected Pro Bowler


Why Graham Gano could be an unsung star on the Redskins

Don't Call it a Comeback: Brandon Meriweather

204 A heavy dose of Montel Williams' medicinal marijuana...........maybe. Either way, don't call it a comeback. This 28 year old safety is legit! Do you think two Pro Bowls were...

Boldly Hoping: A Golden Age of Redskins Football?


Redskins fans have been reduced to hoping and praying for success for quite some time. Could it be that this franchise is on the brink of rewarding that hope and answering those prayers?

Breakout Players To Watch Next Year:


A pair of breakout players to watch for next season.

Boldly Hoping: Legitimate Contention Hangs in the Balance for the Redskins on Sunday


If the 2011 Washington Redskins hope to gain respectability and edge closer to legitimate contention, this week's game against the Rams is a must-win affair.

Boldly Hoping: Why the Redskins Rebuild Could Happen Much Faster Than Expected


There are plenty of historical examples of teams just below the fringe one year coming back to make noise in the following year. This is how the Redskins can be one of those teams.

Do Redskin Fans Have a Breaking Point?


Do Washington Redskins fans have a breaking point? Or can we arrive in September every year for eternity with a blank memory and insanely high expectations?


The Revolution Viva's On: Redskins Fans Seeking Redskins Fans


As if we weren't going to re-viva the Revolucion! Here at Hogs Haven, we do our best to promote the exchange of Redskins tickets among Redskins fans. The last thing we want to see is tickets end...

Boldly Hoping - Why the Redskins Loss to Kansas City in 2009 Saved Our Future


A look back in history why a loss to a bad team can end up saving your future. The Colts loss to the Chargers in 1997 is very similar.

Boldly Hoping: Redskins Defensive Secondary


If the Redskins defense makes the next step this season, it will be in part because the secondary evolves into an elite unit

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