Redskins Previews

Preaseason preview: Indy Colts @ Washington Redskins 8:00PM Eastern


Tonight. Football is back. In an attempt to put some much needed structure and regularity to my pregame posts for the coming season, here is me trying on a few typical commentary type sections....

Do not intrigue us long, Coach Zorn


I love Coach Zorn and have Great Expectations for the coming season, so don't interpret this as even a modest criticism of the coach, but I don't know if an "intriguing" is really all that...

The 2008 NFL Power Rankings... in May


[Note by TexSkins, 05/12/08 2:57 PM CDT ] Skin Patrol types faster and writes better. As part of the plan to create sports news (specifically NFL news) when there is none to feed to global...

Its Official: 2008 Schedule


Update [2008-4-15 14:34:52 by Skin Patrol]: Thanks to both CptChaosSideKick and Redskinette for both being on top of the story as well. Go and check it out here.  And the schedule is: 1 Sept. 4...

A Preview of the "Finalists"


According to numerous sources (namely here and here) the finalists for the Head Coaching position are Jim Fassel and Gregg Williams.  There is a nice post over at Riggo's Rag about the news of...

Wild Card Weekend, Part 3


I'm not really into it after yesterday.  I ripped a pillow by throwing it, almost cracked my coffee table by slamming my hands down on it, and kept my laptop far away (for fear of throwing it...

Wild Card Weekend, Part 2


SATURDAYJacksonville @ Pittsburgh (+2.5) - Saturday, 8:00 pm EST on NBC Welcome to January. (From here.)Game 2 tonight will be in the wind and rain (possibly) of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  W...

Wild Card Weekend, Part 1


The NFL playoffs begin this weekend, with your own WASHINGTON REDSKINS kicking things off Saturday afternoon in Seattle.  I'm going to be going through a quick preview of the games, starting on...

Redskins playoffs viewing guide


Hogs Haven contributor and resident playoff possibility guru provided the one loss scenarios we'd need to sneak into the postseason: If we lose to Minnesota but beat Dallas, we finish 8-8 and miss...

Redskins @ Giants: We're doomed!


We're going to get pwned like a brick to the back of the head or so says people who know better than me. An ominously titled MSNBC article, Skins trying to keep playoff hopes alive vs. Giants tries...

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