Fantasy Football

Fantasy Sleeper Danny Amendola Hits Snooze Button Until 2012


Since the Redskins are on a bye this week, and this post is a fantasy post in nature, I decided to cry in my beer tonight a little. I really thought I had my fellow fantasy owners by the short and...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Leagues Still Forming


The Fantasy season is fully upon us. Drafts are in full swing and we all find ourselves facing the tough questions that go with carefully selecting a championship team. The last time I checked, we...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Leagues Formed


Thanks to everyone who stepped up to participate in this year's Hogs Haven Fantasy Football leagues. Here is the program: I took all the people that submitted their names and pulled them out...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Preview - Part 1 of 537 Part Series


round SB Nation today, sites are breaking down their team's fantasy performers. Lucky bastards. I love fantasy football. I take the building of fantasy teams very seriously. When I look at the R...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Wrap--The House Always Wins


Another year of Fantasy Football is in the books. At Hogs Haven, we crowned our 2010 champion after Week 16. This year's champion had it all: good looks, an amazing body, off-the-charts...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Update -- Playoffs?? Playoffs??!!?


With one week to go in the regular season of the Hogs Haven Fantasy League, there are three teams tied for the best record in the league: Pigskin PimpsA Team Going Through Something EmotionalBoo C...

Hogs Haven Fantasy League a Slugfest


After six weeks, here are the standings in the CBS Hogs Haven league. Trash talk has been down as of late, partly because I think everyone is managing like 6 teams. Seriously, how many teams do we...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Debate--When Will the Kicker Get Some Love?


In our ongoing series of fantasy topics to debate, we have covered many of the "important" positions, but we have yet to discuss the forgotten, throwaway spot reserved for the kicker. Every year in...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Debate


We're days away from the start of the season. Most NFL teams have finalized their depth charts. Countless fantasy owners are kicking themselves for drafting guys like Matt Leinart too high, or the J...

Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Debate--Running Back or Quarterback


How long have we all been beaten over the head to draft not just one but two running backs to start our draft each year? The idea was always that you had to get those elite runners early to get the...

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