Hogs Haven Exclusive Interview - Allen Robinson


In this exclusive interview with Hogs Haven, former Penn State star receiver Allen Robinson shares his thoughts on Bill O'Brien, pre-draft training, his favorite NFL receiver, and his future in the...

HogsHaven goes one-on-one with Josh LeRibeus


HogsHaven goes one-on-one with Josh LeRibeus

One-On-One With Alfred Morris


Mike Harar talked with Alfred Morris on Friday to discuss the NFL's Play 60 program, pre-game rituals, his favorite NFL player of all-time, and what the Redskins need to do to turn the season around.

Video: My Interview with Joe Gibbs


Joe Gibbs was the honorary roastee tonight in a benefit for the District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP). I got to sit down with the three-time Super Bowl coach and talk a variety of...

Hogs Haven interview with Mike and Mike


Dan Ciarrocchi interviews Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning to talk RG3, the read option, Monday night's matchup with the new-look Eagles and the Redskins 2013...

HH: Interview with RGIII's Mom Talking Injuries


Kevin Ewoldt spoke with Robert Griffin III's mother, Jackie, for twenty minutes about injuries, concussions, and what it was like being a protective parent during the Seattle game.

Is CFL's Dibwe (END) Nearing the NFL?


40 reps of 225lbs. logged. 38.5 tackles and 4.5 sacks, in just 9 games. A 23 year-old College Defensive Linemen who has dominated opposing Offensive Lines throughout his time. But you won't find...

SB Nation Exclusive Interview: SS Dominick Reyes


A Hidden Gem no More: SB Nation's Exclusive Interview with Stony Brook Safety, Dominick Reyes.

Chance To Step Up: Jordan Bernstine


Jordan Bernstine suffered a tragic knee injury during his first NFL game and was subsequently placed on IR. After recovering from the injury, Bernstine has an opportunity to step up and earn...

Interview: Todd Herremans talks Chip Kelly & Skins


Todd Herremans is promoting the first event for his new charitable foundation on March 23rd at the Linc.


Interview w/ Bobby Mitchell Talking Mascot & RGIII


Redskins legend, Bobby Mitchell, will be honored as a Hometown Hall of Famer this week. I had the chance to talk with him about that as well as other topics including RGIII and the Redskins mascot...

Q&A with Football Outsiders on the Redskins' 2012 Season Outlook


Football Outsiders are the defacto resource for football statistics. We got an advanced copy of their book and did a Q&A with the author for the Redskins' section, Aaron Schatz.

Interview: LaVar Arrington Talks About Orakpo's Pass Rushing & His Xtreme Procision Football Camp


In an interview, LaVar Arrington shares the details of his new patent pending training clinic and offers advice on how Biran Orakpo can better his pass rush.

Video: Lorenzo Alexander Trains Hogs Haven in TRX at His Studio


Redskins LB Lorenzo Alexander, a certified TRX trainer, spent an hour training me ensuring proper technique. Video of the workout included.

Interview: Catching Up with RGIII & Where He is With the Redskins Offense


I had the great fortune of getting ten minutes of Robert Griffin III's ridiculously hectic schedule today to ask some questions. We spent most of the time talking about how his game relates to the...

Interview: Catching up with Guard, Adam Gettis


Redskins fifth round pick, Adam Gettis, has been in Virginia spending the last vacation time he has with his family before camp starts on Monday for rookies (no media availability). I had the...

Video: Interview with Chris Cooley on Gibbs, Zorn, and Stuff


Chris Cooley talks about coaching kids and other fun things in this interview at his coaching camp.

Darrell Green Recognized As A Home Town Hall-Of-Famer; Weighs in on RGIII


Darrell Green is recognized as a hometown Hall Of Famer and weighs in on Robert Griffin, III.

The Time a Three Year Old Josh LeRibeus Stabbed a Carnival Darts Lady


Redskins draft pick Josh LeRibeus had a mean streak even as a toddler. His Mom provides a hysterical story.

RG3 Talks About Learning Redskins History & His Hair


Another interview from the Redskins soon to be franchise QB.

Video: Orakpo Talks About Playing Tight End in High School


Orakpo talks about all the notable alumni from his high school in Texas, Lamar High School.

For Two Years Joe Bugel Thought Chris Cooley's Name Was "Archie"


Chris Cooley answers some light-hearted questions on the Redskins and shares a funny story how legendary OLine Coach Joe Bugel thought Cooley's name was "Archie" for two years.

London Fletcher Q&A on Tackling Chuck Norris & Rookie Contracts


London Fletcher boasts about Ryan Kerrigan's work ethic.

Which Jammal Brown Headshot Do You Want?


Jammal Brown has had great team head shots in the past.

Fat Pickled Hogs Radio Tonight at 9pm - Davin Joseph & Robert Henson


We're back! We know you know you missed it. Maybe you didn't miss it like you miss Rob Johnson scrambling around a Redskins backfield, but miss it in a T.J. Duckett kind of - mild effort...

Vonnie Holliday Sheds Light on 2010 Nose Tackle Problems


Redskins DE explains Kemo's health problems, Antony Bryant's weight issues, and how 2nd round pick Jarvis Jenkins will be adding competition.

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