2014 Predicted Win-Loss Record For The Washington Redskins

Hello and welcome to my predicted win-loss totals for every NFL team. I have predicted the outcomes of all 256 regular season games plus the playoffs and am ready to share my results. Below you will find your team's division standings and complete regular season schedule plus the playoffs, if applicable. You will also find breakdowns of your team's key games in 2014. Please note that I tried to be unbiased and fair in these predictions, but also note that someone had to lose. If I give your team a bad record or your least favorite team a good one, it does not mean that I like any team better than any other.

Predicted 2014 NFC East Division Standings
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predictions for 2014)

1. Philadelphia Eagles 11-5(+1)

2. Washington Redskins 6-10(+3)

3. New York Giants 5-11(-2)

4. Dallas Cowboys 3-13(-5)

In this projection of the 2014 season, the Eagles win the division as the only team to advance to the playoffs from this division while the Redskins come in second with a 6-10 record. The division gets weaker and the Redskins get slightly better, but they still miss off on the playoffs. RGIII plays somewhere in between his rookie form and his form from last season, Alfred Morris plays as his usual self, and Jay Gruden's first year of head coaching is a moderate success. Below is a week-by-week prediction of the 2014 season and a breakdown of the key games for next season.

Redskins Predicted 2014 Schedule

Week 1: Loss at Texans

Week 2: Win vs. Jaguars

Week 3: Loss vs. Eagles

Week 4: Win vs. Giants

Week 5: Loss vs. Seahawks

Week 6: Loss at Cardinals

Week 7: Win vs. Titans

Week 8: Loss at Cowboys

Week 9: Loss at Vikings

Week 10: BYE

Week 11: Loss vs. Buccaneers

Week 12: Loss at 49ers

Week 13: Loss at Colts

Week 14: Loss vs. Rams

Week 15: Win at Giants

Week 16: Win vs. Eagles

Week 17: Win vs. Cowboys

Key Games

Week 11: vs. Buccaneers

The Redskins, 3-7, need a win here to stay in playoff contention. The Buccaneers, 8-3, are firmly in the race, and hoping for another win to improve their position in the standings. The game starts close, with a few big plays by both sides, and the Bucs head into halftime up by 3. The teams keep it close until the 4th, when the Bucs score twice to get a win on the road.

Week 16: vs. Eagles

The Eagles march into Washington hoping to improve their playoff position. A win puts them in prime position to snatch up the NFC no. 3 seed over the Packers. The Redskins, at this point, are out of the playoffs and playing for pride and some momentum to get them rolling into next season. The Eagles take an early lead against the below-average Redskins defense and start to play a little more conservative. The Eagles let the Redskins offense get rolling, and after a few big plays by RGIII and the rest of the offense, the game is all tied up. A late field goal seals it for the Redskins and sends the Eagles home with a loss.


NFC Seeds:

1. New Orleans Saints (14-2)

2. Seattle Seahawks (14-2)

3. Green Bay Packers (12-4)

4. Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

5. San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-6)

Unfortunately, the Redskins miss out on the playoffs this season, but after adding a few more pieces, the Redskins could be serious contenders as soon as 2015.

Team MVP: Robert Griffin III, QB

If big offensive plays are made, RGIII is most likely at the center of them, whether they are made by him himself or by preoccupying defenses with his running ability.

Important Player Stats:

Robert Griffin III, QB: 3,346 yds, 22 tds, 10 ints, 499 rush yds, 1 td

Alfred Morris, RB : 1,277 yds, 10 tds, 19 rec, 101 yds, 0 tds

DeSean Jackson, WR: 75 rec, 1,189, 7 tds

Jordan Reed, TE: 71 rec, 793 yds, 6 tds

Brian Orakpo, LB: 45 tkls, 10.0 Sacks, 1 int, 1 ff

Jay Gruden's Job Security Going Into 2015:

Jay Gruden will be given at least two years to find success as a head coach, so the fate of his job will be determined mainly in the 2015 and 2016 seasons. His job will be safe in 2015.

2015 Draft:

The Redskins will finally have a first round pick this season, namely the number 9 overall pick. There are still a number of issues with the Redskins roster, a lot of them in the defense. The Redskins could use help with the run defense, offensive line, and secondary.

Well, that is my take on the upcoming Redskins season. Please remember that I cannot see into the future, and I will most likely be wrong about many predictions in this article (but if I turn out to be right, remember me). If you disagree or agree with me, feel free to share your opinions in the comments, I look forward to it. And check out my predictions for the other teams on their blogs as they come out, I put a lot of work into this; I want it to be seen by as many people as possible. Thanks for reading.

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