Sunday Slop: July 6th

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A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.


Redskins Mailbag: RGIII and More | ESPN Redskins Blog

You'll see spread formations, but in a five-receiver set you will have tight ends and running backs split wide. But just know that last season, under then-coordinator Jay Gruden, the Bengals used a two-tight end, two-receiver set more than any other formation on first-and-10 - by a considerable margin (229 times to 112 for a three-receiver set). On second-and-10 or third-and-10, they typically ran more sets with three receivers (excluding backs and tight ends split wide). I don't expect a carbon copy of what Gruden did in Cincinnati. The Redskins do have a good running back, but they have plenty of pass-catchers -- more than in the past. They will use them.

Redskins Mailbag: Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

They'll typically keep five, including one fullback. Gruden kept a fullback in Cincinnati and Darrel Young has improved as a blocker during his time in Washington. He helps the run game and he helps on special teams too. But really this will depend on what they do at other positions. My guess is they'll want to keep nine or 10 offensive linemen. Would they really keep two kickers? How many safeties and corners? Usually 10 are kept, but they were willing to go with 11 two years ago. Would they really want to go with three running backs and a fullback -- or four running backs and no fullback? Last year's fourth running back, Evan Royster, barely played. They could always keep one on the practice squad just in case.

Something to Prove: Perry Riley | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins re-signed Riley after a sluggish season in which they weren't pleased with the production from their inside linebackers. They weren't big enough factors in either the run or pass game, and the Redskins were content with letting Riley walk if the price was too high.

30 Questions: Who will start at RG for the Redskins? | CSN Washington

Chris Chester has not missed a single snap at right guard since the Redskins signed him as a free agent in 2011. But that streak could be in jeopardy. He's 31, coming off of a rough season, and his salary cap number sits at $4.3 million. Enter third-round draft pick Spencer Long, a tough, young Nebraska lineman who has drawn some high praise from Jay Gruden. And Josh LeRibeus has reported in good shape and could challenge for a job. Will Chester hang on and remain a fixture in the lineup or will youth be served?

30 Questions: Who will be the Redskins leading receiver? | CSN Washington

rior to the April signing of DeSean Jackson, there was no need to ask which wide receiver was the Redskins' No. 1. It was Pierre Garçon-by a mile. Garçon led the NFL in receptions with 113 last season and shattered his career mark for yards with 1,346 (399 more than his previous best). But now it's a legitimate question. Jackson also eclipsed the 1,300-yard mark last season as a member of the Eagles, and there's only one football to go around.

Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 10 RB PPR Rankings |

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