Super Bowl XXII: A Must Watch Breakdown

"18 Plays: The Story of Super Bowl 22" - Full Documentary

I know I posted this link back in yesterday's Slop, but I changed my mind and realized this is DEFINITELY worth at least a FanPost. It's about a 44 minute documentary of the Redskins comeback performance in SB 22, but if you can't sit through the whole thing, you HAVE to at least FFWD to the 18 play breakdown. *Ed- At the 20 minute mark*

You'll thank me.

For those who are too new to the team to know this, The Redskins made one of the most epic comebacks in NFL history to win SB XXII. Down 10-0, a margin no SB team had ever come back from before, Doug Williams fought through an injury to help put up 35 unanswered points in a mere 18 plays and under 6 minutes, on the way to a 42-10 blowout victory.

The awesome thing is, when they actually get to talking about the 18 plays, they get Doug Williams, Coach Gibbs, and several of the other players there in the studio to actually walk you through film play-by-play and explain the alignments, the decisions and basically spell out who made what calls and why.

EX: Williams and Sanders talking about the moment they both realized Sanders was about to get pressed at the LOS, and how their SOP when that happened was to turn on the jets and burn them deep. Result: What would have been a short pass play turns into an 80 yard TD.

I'd honestly say that while its good for fans, it should almost be required viewing for team members and execs. They touch on all the important points. Not just comebacks and determination, but also on the importance of the performance by the defense, the importance of being able to quickly recognize whats going on and have pre-planned adjustments that everybody was familiar with, and of having the Oline just smack the crap out of people.

Oh yeah, you also get to watch the Redskins run up a whole bunch of points on someone. When is that ever not awesome?


*Editor's Note - This is a fanpost that has been promoted to the front page*

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