I'm Native American Chippewa Indian,and I Support the Washington Redskins with all my Heart.

The Washington Redskins Team Name Should Not be Changed because it Doesn't Offends Me, and about 90% of Other Native Americans.

As a Native American Chippewa Indian Myself. I Believe this the Most Stupidest Subject to Ever come up about my Beloved Redskins team ever.

It been Over 81 years that the Boston Redskins who became the Washington Redskins. Have had this team name, and up to the last couple of years. No ones has Ever Complained about it. Not Even my Fellow American Indians Comrades until the Last Couple of Years.

I Believe this is just about Politics. To be Used for Political Reasons for the Next Election.

I Do Not Find it Offensive ,Never have and Never Will.

I am so Tired of People. "Putting their 2 Cents in"

That has Nothing to do with them. Unless you are an American Indian Like Myself.

I am a Chippewa Indian and I have Never found the Name of the Washington Redskins Offensive,and Never will.

I Believe this Country is Going Down a Dark Path of Centureship. That Might not Ever be Recover from.

We are Way,Way too Senseative as a Country.

No way does Redskins Offend me, it was Meant to Honor American Indians,not too Offend them.

Like I said, this the Most Stupidest Political Argument,

I have Ever Heard. There are so many of us American Indians,who not only Support the Washington Redskins,but also support the name also.

The strongest argument for keeping the name is that Native Americans themselves.

"It doesn’t bother me one bit. There are other issues that we should be concerned about," said George Blanchard, governor of the Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, which counts about 3,000 members.

Some members of Blanchard’s tribe send their children to McLoud High School, whose team is also called the Redskins. The Washington team has pointed to the McLoud nickname as evidence that the word was acceptable to Native Americans.

I go by the Screen Name here on Hogs Haven as Ghost Rider.

But my Real Name is Richard Blanchard.

I am of American Chippewa Indian Heritage.

I will Fight to the End for my team the Washington Redskins.

This Noncents of the Name Change has to Stop,or this Country will Eventually Lead to Centureship

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