Redskins Radio Hits: Jay Z Edition PtII: Gruprint 2



Alright, we've been awful serious of late. Time for a little levity. So, seems like time for another installment of Radio Hits.

Going back to the well with Jay. To the tune of Blueprint 2. Let me know what you think.

RG this, RG that (RG won't succeed in Washington)

RG this, RG that

RG that, RG this (RG won't make Snyder no money)

Get off RG dick

What y'all writers get front page articles, y'all mention RG name

(This thing on?) RG, RG, in RG news

Ya'll ready for these personnel groups?

I'm running 1-2 this time, though

Get the pass Rush on them, guru

Gimme some more points in the endzone

Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening

Let's do this thing (let's do it right this time)



N, O V A

MD, DC baby, oh behave

Naw, naw, don't be afraid

Y'all and your articles, diss on my QB

Y'all from afar threw shots our way

Ya'll forgot, we was hot with our '012 play? Nope!


Y'all fell into the Shanny trap

he said the crap just cause he was getting sacked, and now

And now you'se can't see

That we in place to own the East, annually

And I'm sorry to the Interwebs

We bout to spark a gifsplosion on your NFL threads

But you can't give cred to shit PTI says

Next season we dropping bombs thats killing them talking heads

(I give it twelvvvvve wins!) Till that media SPIN is DEAD

You sound a little naive in them comment strings that I read


[Hook (x2)]


The Gruprint 2 baby, on the way

Team, of RG and Jay

To the post-season yeah we on the way


Can't y'all, see Kelly's lame, the coach version of kwai chang caine

Fools writing books, called the Tao of his name

A few protein shakes, an ipod track when he trains

And this is all it takes to say he changing the game?

I craft Xs and Os, with perfect timing on throws

My three receiver sets it treating yall boys to a show

And when ya'll try to cover each route sold

Whoevers still left, is getting trucked by AlMo, oh!


Ain't Griff supposed to be absorbed with 3?

Every time there's a film session he's the last one to leave

And they call Gruden a novice, but they don't call him the dude

That took Dalton, made a passer out of a project

They say Griffs too raw, not making his checks

can't pass from the pocket, gotta run for the yards he gets


And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype

Cause the hack writer wrote it, it don't mean that he right

Just cause its in his name, it don't mean that he Wise

It just means he don't understand bout the game he's paid to write

Is it "all read option" or is it "bootleg to the right"?

Is Pierre "just a number 2" or "the second coming of Rice"?


Our outlook is getting sunny, they confuse it with conceit

Receiver corps stacked, Pass rush is a beast

Bookend linebackers, a spinner called the Ye-TI

Got Foles Eli and Romo, already losing they sleep


When we rush the passer, the sacks will show

I gotta thank the homie Jerry Jones for that though

Saving me the hassle of finding an end in the draft yo

Can't wait till Hatcher catch up to Ro-MO, whoa

But if you try to sack Griff you'll miss G

The Ref's can't save you this time, Ellison's history


Who got receivers quick and speedy as we?

If ya'll , sleeping, Gruden's gonna let ya'll know

Don't forget about my man Jordan Reed

He's a joker, lightin bitches up in the seam

Desean Jackson, gonna blow the top of the D

10 to 11! DJ in the endzone dancing a "C"

Griff's a star, you should take a picture with 3

Drive to the hall in Canton, see the display with his cleats

Romo's OLD , And Nick Foles, listen kid, you a flea

And the little homey Eli is a wash-up to me


We Trolling Bleeding Green. We Trolling BBV.

We clowning BtB, we from the D M V bitches

That's why this year all you see, the whole state repping Burgundy


This year the brace is off his knee

You want stats then it's stats you gonna see,


We about to throw mad TDs, you want more then it's more you gonna see



*Rival fans, as always, no disrespect, just having some fun. If you want to come back with your response tracks, I welcome your creativity.



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