What if a bunch of gangsta-rappers try to purchase the Bills

and change the name to (rhymes with 'Trigga').....?

I mean, they use that term all the time don't they? It's not offensive to them - it's on mainstream radio - just listen to the lyrics - so what's the big deal? Would they be allowed it? And if not, wouldn't THAT be racist??

Years ago, 'bastard' was a horrible term. So was 'cad' as in 'he's a cad'. Egad was a simple substitute for "God". Zounds was a shortening of "God’s wounds" as was – excuse my French – woundikins. Odds bodkins was "God’s body" and gadzooks was "God’s hooks" referring to the nails that pinned Christ on the cross.

Remember when you couldn't say 'damn' in polite company? Now you wouldn't be surprised if a 7-year-old said it....

You know what the real issue is? Why 50 politicians are spending time worrying about this instead of fixing the national debt, creating jobs, or keeping us out of non-stop, never-ending wars. But noooooooooooooo. Instead let's all worry about those pesky 'white-patties' or whatever it may be.

The following demonstrates how stupid this is. Here's another old swear word:

Cambronne: "It’s a load of old cambronne" is a phrase that used to be heard in the tea rooms and coffee houses of 19th century England when someone doubted the veracity of some idea or opinion. Sadly it has fallen out of use and lives on only in foot notes to treatises on latrinalia (the definition of which is discussed below). The word cambronne is eponymous as every Frenchman surely knows. Here’s one version of its origin:

The scene is the final hours of the battle of Waterloo and General Pierre Cambronne finds himself heavily outnumbered and surrounded by English soldiers and cannon. Commanding the British troops, the generous General Colville with his young interpreter Charles Bartleby-Snobsworth by his side, calls to General Cambronne with the words;

"I say, old boy, no need for any further nastiness, why not lay down your weapons and we can all watch the rest of the pyrotechnics from here."

Colville unfortunately cannot speak a word of French, and Bartleby-Snobsworth, his interpreter, actually skipped French classes at Eton to play Cricket, so he only knows "un mot ou deux." General Cambronne, who speaks flawless English, chooses foolishly to respond in French, shouting out bravely; "La garde meurt et ne se rend pas!"

Bartleby-Snobsworth doesn’t understand a word of this and mishears it anyway, thinking Cambronne said merde not muert. So when Colville asks him what Cambronne said, he replies;

"Shit!, sir. The Frenchy said ‘shit’."

"That’s hardly polite," mutters General Colville as he signals the orders to fire the cannons.



"Whoa fella - your name is now politically non-correct......"

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