Top 10 Best Options Left In Day 3 For Us

1. David Yankey, G - Stanford. How is he stll out there? I saw mocks out there with us taking him at 34. Too good to still be out there.

2. Brandon Coleman,. WR - Rutgers. We seemed to be kind of full at WR as a team already but as far as I'm concerned the only WRs that have made this team are Garcon and Jackson, and neither are big men. He's 6'6, so that just screams red zone to me.

3. Daquan Jones, DT - Penn State. I'm still somewhat surprised we didnt jump on Louis Nix to help the d-line. Jones may be a bit of a project but the talent is there.

4. Dion Bailey, S - USC. Not convinced we will draft a safteyy after drafting two last year, bringing back Jackson and Merriweather. I think Philip Thomas deserves his chance but who knows. Everyone says we need a safety so that might win out.

5. Antonio Richardson, T - Tennessee. We are probably done at tackle but he's a name at a position we are weak at.

6. Shayne Skov, ILB - Stanford. Strong, a leader, and a major contributor on a stud defense in a big time conference. It is a weakness and we missed on Boreleand by one pick. Could also see him as a major contributor on special teams, which for us, is no small thing.

7. DeAnthony Thomas, RB - Oregon. This is a particular passion of mine. I think Thomas could become an absolute special teams star in the NFL ... think Dante Hall or Devin Hester. He is an absolute burner who has proven at high level college football that he can break away. If he's there in the 6th or 7th, it would be an incredible value pick.

8. James Hurst, T - North Carolina. More depth, and I recall Hurst doing more than hold his own against Jadeveon Clowney last year.

9. L'Damien Washington, WR - Missouri. See everything I said about Thomas.

10. Michael Sam, DE - Missouri. No, I'm not trolling. Sam is undersized to be a starter in the NFL but could work as pass rushing depth, and as a special teamer that could have a real impact. I'm not sure this is the franchise best equipped to handle the NFL's first openly gay player but Has wants to send waves and waves of blitzes it appears (why else draft Murphy?) and Sam did that in SEC ball.

I still can't believe Yankey is there for the taking ... I literally think anyone coming out of Stanford is NFL ready now.

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