Snooze Ya Lose Draft

I appreciate your clicking on my Fan Post.

Well, I thought the Hogs Haven Mock ended tonight at 11:59PM. Must of been AM, sure I missed a warning.

The Mock I entered was a route the Redskins might take with BPA using Steve's Board, mostly until near the end, where I chose some hard nosed offensive linemen with toughness and skills, who with some coaching could really contribute. Maybe not this year, but soon. One earned the Rimington Award 2013. I'm sure injuries have hurt his stock, as you would think he'd be near the Top Center, based on the Award. These players may help sooner, than those 3 from the 2012 draft I think. But this year will decide that one. They could also be busts. I am at least honest, if not right.

I wanted to add/use this one, which starts with Need then builds Future and ST's, as Allen pointed out was a priority. My fault I snoozed.

Last Mock, using Steve's Board at Fanspeak. Thanks Steve!

Round 2(#34): Ja' Wuan James, OT, Tennessee

Round 3(#66): Marcus Martin, C, USC

Round 4(#102): Jared Abberderis, WR, Wisconsin

Round 5(#142): Dri Archer, RB, Kent State

Round 6(#178): Ryan Carrethers, DT, Arkansas State

Round 7(#217):Pat O'Donnell, P, Miami



Rd#2 True RT rising up the board, probably due to playing well, as a 4 year starter at the position and we really need one.

Rd#3 Solid Center which we need.

Rd#4 Future WR who has good hands, runs good routes and just plain gets open-a lot! You don't always have to be the greatest athlete, to help your team get 1st downs on the 3rd.

Rd#5 Dri Archer RB, kick returner, receiver. Versitile player who will improve special teams, maybe that occasional 3rd down back too. Can provide real speed at WR or Slot in multiple WR sets. Don't have much faith in last years draft pick, but I wish him luck.

Rd#6 Stout D-Tackle who can man the middle, spell Barry Cofield and maybe allow Barry to play some DE.

Rd#7 Yes a Punter. The single best way we can improve this ST unit, I think. I have been very high on Kirby Van Der Kamp like many. So high that I can spell his name without looking it up. But, recently I have been convinced by Hogs Haven comments, that Pat O'Donnell's ability to also kick off and well, is a bonus we could use.

I wish the Redskins the best of luck in the 2014 draft. It's not a fun picnic I imagine with the pressure, tho it really should be.

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