Post DJAX Mock Draft!

Let me start by giving you guys my logic on our current Draft situation, first of all I just firmly believe that our only GLARING need as of now is a quality RT to at the very least challenge Tyler Plumb us for that spot. However I know the popular opinion is that we still need to shore up our questionable secondary and aging front seven which is true, but I also believe that with our free agency pick ups we traded youth and unproven potential with experience (although older) and proven production. It is because of this that I think we will and should take a balanced BPA approach to our Draft so here we go:

34. TE Jace Amaro

Texas Tech

At this point in the Draft the BPA approach left me with a bunch of recievers, some corners and then Jace, while I thought long and hard about taking Kyle Fuller here I personally want to see if Richard Crawford can continue his growth and earn the significant play time he was gaining before his injury. After the BIG 4 the tight end class is weak so I took one of the best ones to play opposite J. Reed while he was there.

66. Chris Borland


Just couldn't pass him up in this spot, he was the BPA at a position of need.

102. OT James Hurst

North Carolina

I wanted to take J'waun James in the second but to me James Hurst is a good enough fall back option to allow me to take Borland first and grab our RT of the future here.

142. DT Daniel Mccullers


Adds youth, depth, and a big body that can contribute right away to bolster our front seven while learning from the Barry Cofields and Jason Hatcher of the world to step into their place in the future.

178.RB Dri Archer

Kent State

Personally i really wanted Marion Grice in this spot, but Houston took him right before my pick. I think Archer is a great back up plan as he can serve as the blazing change of pace back we need to spell Alfred Morris while giving us another dangerous special teams weapon.

217. OLB Boseko Lokombo


A developmental depth pick up to give us a body behind Brandon Jenkins.

So that's it guys I feel like this Draft fills a lot of little leaks for us while giving us quality starters in the first three picks. Sorry if the format is bad, it's my first fan post so I'm kinda learning on the fly. #HTTR

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