Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Lache Seastrunk, RB

Ronald Martinez

Draft profile for a mid-round Baylor Bear who could be the most explosive weapon in the draft

Lache Seastrunk (Pronounced "Lake")

Running Back

Height: 5'9"  Weight: 201 lbs

40 Time: 4.51 sec

Bench Press: 15 reps

Vertical: 41.5" (Best among RB's)

Broad Jump: 134" (That's 11'2") (Best among ANY PLAYER at the 2014 Combine)

*His reaction?*

Strengths: EXPLOSIVENESS! Seastrunk's explosion is not due to his top-end speed but rather his elite agility and acceleration. The guy absolutely freezes defenders with his stop/start ability.  He effortlessly evades the grasp of defenders by angling his body away while still running at full speed. Seastrunk combines agility with a unexpected display of power.  His low center of gravity and powerful legs allow him to run through arm tackles and give him a burst of second effort. He does not lack in confidence by any means and will compete as hard as anyone on the team.

Weaknesses: Like other play-makers, you have to take the good with the bad. Often he will do too much in order to hit the home run.  His speed and agility make him an east/west runner that needs to be coached to take the short gain rather than risk a loss or fumble. With his small stature you'd think Seastrunk would be suited for a 3rd-down back role rather than a primary ball-carrier. However, he has more dropped passes (10) in his two years at Baylor than he has receptions (9).  He talks more than he should, claiming he'd win the Heisman and break Chris Johnson's 40 yard dash record.

Bottom Line: NFL teams are moving away from the workhorse back role, rather choosing to package their backfields with complimentary backs.  Seastrunk may not have the numbers to prove his abilities as a receiving threat but the potential of getting him the ball in space will attract a number of teams.  People want to compare him to Giovanni Bernard but his strength and agility remind me of a young Ahmad Bradshaw. Seastrunk will benefit from being mentored by a veteran back. Expect Seastrunk to be drafted a round before you expect him to.

Projected Round: 4th

Teams He Would Fit Best On: Vikings, Redskins, Ravens, Broncos

Highlight Reel: Two favorite plays come back-to-back at the 2:00 minute mark. Just ridiculous escape-ability.

(via TheFootballman175)

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