I regret to inform you that I am rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs this year

Dear Hogs Haven, Dan Snyder, and the Washington's Football Team Community,

I have been a Redskins fan for 38 years. My formative football memories are barely understanding the game as I witnessed the transition to the Joe Gibbs era. I fell in love with the team when John Riggins pulled around the end for the defining moment of Redskins history. I cried when an overconfident bunch lost to the Raiders despite being an overwhelming favorite. The fulfillment of my Redskins fandom was Doug Williams triumph as The First Black Quarterback to in the Superbowl. The continuance of my Redskins fandom was Mark Rypien, an immobile quarterback, throwing darts to an amazing receiving core in front of a wall of Hogs to win a third Superbowl.

From that point, forward it has been twenty three years defined by disappointment. I need not recount the sad history of the Redskins to the intelligent, savvy, and dedicated fans on this website. You all know what it is like to wander in the desert waiting to see Canaan.

Disappointment, however, does not justify quitting on a team. I believe that choosing to root for a team is committing to a relationship that is comparable to the relationship that I hope to eventually have with a wife. So why would I choose divorce from this relationship?

I choose divorce from this relationship because my partner, the Redskins has been unfaithful in this relationship. No longer is this team loyal to me, the fan. It is now loyal to The Almighty Dollar. It worships this dollar. It creates a sterile and ineffective product that ignores common sense and decency. Even worse, it offends the sensibility of the original inhabitants of this country. As a Black Man who has seen what this country has done to my people, I choose to stand in solidarity with the original inhabitants of this country. Instead of rooting for a team that insults and demeans these inhabitants, I choose to root for a team that honors and praises these inhabitants: the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs are defined by many great players, but the only one that I have met personally is Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer Nick Lowery. Nick Lowery is a Dartmouth graduate who has a masters from Harvard University. In his second act after football, he has a youth foundation that teaches kids how not to bully. He leads. He inspires. Like many great Redskins, he has chosen to have a second act that is even more profound the first act that he is better known for.

For the 2014-15 season, I choose to follow Nick Lowery's leadership and root for the Chiefs.

My prayer is that other Redskins fans will choose to let the owner know how unfaithful he is to the fan. I am a forgiving fan. If the owner repents, I would certainly consider reuniting for the 2015 season and beyond. It will be painful to live in Washington and be my father's son and no longer consider the Redskins my primary team. I will still root for the best for you guys, though. When I choose not to sing "Hail To [Washington's Football Team", I shall sing "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" instead. I will always, always, always strongly dislike the Cowboys and I am not one of those fans who is defined by their hate and chooses to root for the Cowboys out of spite. Plus most of these bandwagon and spiteful Cowboys fans have never even been to Dallas.

I shall never ever root for the Cowboys, and I pray that the Redskins will repent so that we may be reunited.

Best wishes to you Redskins fans, and thanks for reading my letter. I still aim to participate in this outstanding community from time to time, and I still prefer when RG3 throws touchdowns and the Redskins win. Now that this conflicted fan has removed himself from the fanbase, I thoroughly expect the Redskins to win the Superbowl.

With love to Hogs Haven,


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