Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Joel Bitonio, OT/G

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Draft profile for a versatile offensive lineman with a rising draft stock

Joel Bitonio

Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'4"  Weight: 302 lbs

40 Time: 4.97 sec (4th best among O-linemen at the combine)

Bench: 22 reps (3rd worst)

Vertical Jump: 32.0 (2nd best)  Broad Jump: 9'6" (2nd best)


Strengths: Relentless pursuit. The 2014 OT class has its share of big, talented linemen but most are lacking a mean-streak. Look no further than Joel Bitonio if you value a guy with tenacity. He's a "play through the whistle" kind of lineman. In pass protection he utilizes the 'cut block' more often and more effectively than any other O-line prospect.  In the run game he displays strong legs to drive through the chest of defenders. His skill-set makes him a versatile prospect who could find a home as an impact pulling guard in the NFL.

Weaknesses: Bitonio is a bit undersized for an offensive tackle in the NFL. He played the majority of his career at left tackle in Nevada but just does not have the strength in his arms to anchor the blind-side.  He had the 10th longest arms (33 7/8") among O-lineman at the combine but on tape he doesn't utilize his reach effectively.  Can take a false step during blitzes, causing him to lose position and either grab or overextend to recover.

Bottom Line: His ceiling is a solid starting right tackle, just not the mammoth the Redskins may be looking for. With his speed he would flourish as a pulling guard in a zone blocking scheme. The great thing about selecting Bitonio is that his floor is high because his versatility allows him to be the primary backup at every position on the O-line. He flat-out knows what he's doing in the trenches.

Projected Round: 2nd

Teams He Fits Best On: Bills, Dolphins, Seahawks, Chiefs.

Highlight Reel: vs. UCLA in 2013. Star DE/OLB Anthony Barr had his worst game of 2013 against Joel Bitonio on the left side. Take a look at an example of Bitonio's pursuit against Barr at 5:10.

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