Sunday Slop: 4/13

Win McNamee

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.


Redskins Improved Depth Could be a Big Factor this Season |

Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

This is a good time of the year for questions: some about the draft; some about new additions and a lot about a variety of topics. Makes for a well-rounded mailbag. Look for Part 2 Saturday morning. Enjoy:

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Back to a hodgepodge, or mish mash if you prefer, of questions for the second part of the Redskins mailbag. A little bit on the offensive line, some tight end and Chris Thompson and, of course, wide receiver talk with the addition of DeSean Jackson. Enjoy.

A breakout season from the 2013 draft class? | CSN Washington

The Redskins drafted seven players in 2013 and after they cut seventh-round pick RB Jawan Jamison last month they have six of them left on the roster. The two players they picked on Friday, second-round CB David Amerson and third-round TE Jordan Reed, are expected to be key contributors in 2014. But the late round picks make or break a draft. Of the remaining four players who were picked on Saturday last year, who will step up and play a key role? S Phillip Thomas spent the year on injured reserve while RB Chris Thompson, OLB Brandon Jenkins, and S Bacarri Rambo all got some playing time with very limited success.

Will Orakpo take the next step in 2014? | CSN Washington

The Redskins franchised Brian Orakpo last month, essentially tying the star pass rusher to the team for the 2014 season. The cost? A team-high $11.5 million. The decision was no slam-dunk, either; officials debated whether to invest heavily in one player or use the money to address a whole host of needs. But now that the decision has been made and Rak's going to be a Redskin for (at least) another season, the focus must shift to maximizing the 27-year-old's immense-yet not totally realized-potential. If Orakpo breaks out, he'll get the lucrative long term he so badly wants. If he doesn't, the team and the player will find themselves in a similar bind a year from now.

OT Morgan Moses Scouting Report |

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