Saturday Slop: It's FA Tampering TIme!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.


Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Free agency begins next week. Naturally, this week's questions are heavy on free agency -- but there are some questions about the draft as well as Alfred Morris. Look for Round 2 on Saturday.

Offseason Needs Cornerback | ESPN Redskins Blog

In-house options: Maybe Chase Minnifield improves and can help and maybe Richard Crawford shows that he's healthy after his knee injury and will contribute again. But, for now, both are question marks. Crawford showed good improvement last summer, particularly in the slot where his patience enabled him to mirror the receiver well. Minnifield showed tenacity in press coverage during the summer, but struggled when in zone or off-man coverage. It takes time to learn for some players. I have a feeling one of them will be able to be a solid fourth or fifth corner.

Quick Takes: Open Negotiations | ESPN Redskins Blog

Nobody can be signed and just because they talk to someone early Saturday afternoon, it might not mean much come Sunday night or Monday morning or, especially, on Tuesday. An agent can use that first negotiating call to get better offers from another team later in the weekend. Of course, he can always go back to the original team.

10 Free Agents the Redskins should avoid this offseason |

A look at 10 players that just don't make sense for the Redskins to pursue this offseason.

Will the Redskins stand pat along the offensive line? | Real Redskins

When free agency opens, many are expecting the Redskins to immediately start cleaning house along the offensive line, signing in larger linemen to match the big fellas that Jay Gruden had along his O-line in Cincinnati.

Redskins needs Analysis: Safety | CSN Washington

Prediction: After inside linebacker, this is arguably the Redskins' most pressing need this offseason. And because Thomas and Rambo can't be penciled in as starters, the time is now to sign a quality free agent -- or even two -- depending on Meriweather, who could be an option to return for the right price.

Cap could hit $160 million in 2016 | Real Redskins

Redskins Free Agency: What they are saying | Washington Post

"If you're a Washington fan, you should be terrified the team has this much money to spend ... I would be worried that Washington will end up signing [Eric] Decker and [Jairus] Byrd and then leave the massive holes elsewhere on the roster open, but let's try to make this dream a nice one."

5 players the Redskins should avoid in Free Agency | Washington Post

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