Redskins Meeting with DeSean Jackson Monday

DeSean Jackson will be visiting Redskins Park Monday to discuss joining the team.

Dianna Russini and others are reporting that DeSean Jackson will make the Redskins his first stop since being released by the Eagles.  Jackson will arrive on Monday, get a fine lunch at Hooters, and a dinner at Morton's.  Many people are speculating that Dan Snyder will make a very strong push to sign Jackson, but for this to happen Bruce Allen has to get creative with the salary cap.

There are several other teams reportedly interested in signing Jackson.  One team that was listed as a possible suitor has withdrawn their name from the DeSean Jackson Sweepstakes.  Andy Reid, his long time head coach in Philadelphia, and the Kansas City Chiefs will not be pursuing Jackson according to Ian Rapoport.  This raises obvious questions about why Reid is not interested in bringing him in.  The Chiefs have around $4 million in cap space which has been used as a reason, but the Redskins only have slightly more room($6-7 million).  All teams have access the similar information on Jackson's background and NFL Security files, but Reid has more intimate knowledge from their time together in Philadelphia.

If Jackson can satisfy the Redskins concerns about the reasons for his release, or if they simply ignore them, what kind of contract could we expect the team to offer Jackson?  CSN Washington's Rich Tandler looked at how Allen could fit Jackson in this year and beyond.  A deal could be struck this year without any cuts/restructures needed to stay under the cap.  The issues are the amounts of guaranteed money on the deal down the line, and the fact that we already have Pierre Garcon who's cap hits are in the $10 mill range over the next two years.

The contract that Bruce Allen and Eric Schaffer could use as a model is the six-year, $54 million deal that the Saints gave safety Jairus Byrd earlier this month. Byrd got an $11 million signing bonus and a 2014 salary of $1.3 million. By prorating the cap hit for the signing bonus out over the first five years of the deal (the maximum allowed), the first-year cap hit comes to a manageable $3.5 million.

Several players were asked about the prospect of signing DeSean Jackson at last night's Battle of the Beltway charity basketball game including DeAngelo Hall and Niles Paul.

“It automatically makes the special teams better,” Hall continued. “He’s a deep threat. You can’t put eight in the box. Man, if we could pull that off …I was a little disappointed early on in free agency, but if we could pull that off, hell, that would my day, make my year.”

Tight end Niles Paul also said he was excited to hear that Jackson was scheduled to visit.

“I think DeSean Jackson would be a nice addition to our team … a definite improvement to our offense and another weapon for RG3 to have,” Paul said. “He’s a speed guy. He’s a blazer. That would be a nice addition to the wide receiver corps we have right now.”

“Not at all,” Hall said. “I feel like our locker room has a good group of young guys, a good group of old guys, man. Some of the things he’s been going through lately, that’s life. That’s life. We’ve all been through something, so …if he’s able to come here, man, I’m going to take him under my wing and just try to put him on the right path.

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