Thick Skin'd: Beltway Bombshell

The only trade that could top THE trade is about to be made and neither team will ever be the same.

We took a little break from the Thick Skin'd series to deal with Redskins Christmas, and the wave of big time free agent signings turned out to be a trickle.  The big name presents didn't come, Redskins Nation is looking for it's fix, and Bruce Allen is holding out on us.  Where are the safeties(Byrd), and centers(Mack), and right tackles(Collins) that we were hoping for?  We want action, we want blood, we want...something.

This has led to some of the more negative members of our community to point out the many flaws on the Redskins team, and in the front office itself.  This is also the week of the NFL owner's meeting, and with it comes talk of rule changes to improve the game.  It is also the time when the NFL reveals the annual compensatory picks that are awarded to teams who lose more free agents than they sign.  The usual suspects are present with multiple free picks gained, and as usual the big winners are the Ravens and GM Ozzie Newsome.  A 3rd, two 4ths, and 5th round pick to restock the cupboards, and doing all the same tricks this offseason to do it again next year.

So what is the point of all this, and what is the topic for this week's edition of Thick Skin'd?  Here is the hypothetical, and please save all questions that start with Who, What, How, or Why.  Also no statements that start with You're an idiot, your an idiot is however acceptable.

Joe Flacco announces he can not play this season and for the forseeable future.  You can fill in the blanks for reasons(I'll go with his budding acting career).  Steve Biscotti, in a panic and desperate calls Dan Snyder for advice.  After a long night at MorHooters, and a slow gas leak in the restaurant, a deal was struck.  The Redskins would trade Robert Griffin III for Ozzie Newsome.  Due to the obvious lack of oxygen in the room the exact details of the trade are still a little fuzzy, but the main part is set in stone.

The Ravens get a franchise QB coming off a bad year, and the Redskins get the front office wizard they desperately need.  RGIII gets a fresh start, and never has to play against Haloti Ngata again.  Ozzie Newsome gets to take on the biggest challenge of his career, fixing the Redskins from top to bottom.  So what is more important for a franchise's continued, long term success, the QB or a front office to build an entire team?

Are you ready to trade a Franchise QB(RGIII) for the best GM in the NFL (Ozzie)?

Rules of Engagement:

1. Attack the argument, not the person making it.  Bad: "Your such an  $&^*# idiot, Flacco is too elite to ever retire!"

2. Try to stay on the current topic.  Bringing up past arguments/players does not help the current discussion, and dissolves into a pissing contest.

3. These posts are meant to breed debate, not hurt feelings.  If you can't have a discussion without getting your feelings hurt or insulting someone else, this might not be the post for you.

4. If anyone gets out of line, flag them and move on.  It will be taken care of, engaging them only makes it worse.

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