Hazard's Huddle: Jay Gruden's TDs in 2013 (Week 14)

An All-22 film breakdown of the Bengal's offensive scoring plays from 2013. They will be broken down into as many posts as it takes.

Continuing the "Jay Gruden's TDs in 2013" series, let's take a look at Week 14:

Week 14 vs. Indianapolis Colts (6 TDs)


#1. 2nd and 10. Colts are in a Cover 1 Man coverage with our old buddy LaRon Landry as the Singe-High Safety.


Marvin Jones (on the fly route) gets a step on his CB and LaRon Landry is too late in recognizing the deep route.


Andy Dalton is able to drop the ball into a bucket over the shoulder of Jones. Jones is able to dive and make the catch. 29 yard TD pass.


#2. 4th and Goal. Benjarvus Green-Ellis is running off-tackle with the play-side guard pulling and the TE blocking down.


Green-Ellis slides into the end zone. He is originally ruled as down before he crossed the goal line, but upon replay review it was determined it was a touchdown.


#3. 1st and Goal. Bengals run a misdirection play here. It's a run right with the backside guard pulling while the FB (DT Domata Peko) goes left and plugs the gap vacated by the pulling guard.


Green-Ellis and the pulling guard are able to muscle their way across the goal line. Touchdown.


#4. 2nd and Goal. The Bengals have already run in two TDs from the 1-yard line. This time they run play-action. Dalton will be looking for the out route by Jermaine Gresham.


LaRon Landry (who has Gresham in coverage) comes down hard on the run. When he realizes it's play-action, it's far too late. Gresham is running alone.


Gresham catches the ball all alone in the end zone. Touchdown.


#5. 2nd and 8. This is just two fade routes to the end zone. Andy Dalton is just going to take two steps back and fade the throw towards the sideline in the end zone. Dalton is instructed to where either his guy gets it or nobody gets it.


Dalton obviously likes his odds with Darius Butler one-on-one with A.J. Green. He throws the fade route and Green goes up and gets the ball. 9 yard touchdown.


#6. 3rd and 2. Here's a play-action pass with a Flood Right (the same way Dalton is rolling).

(Editor's Note: Gresham is actually suppose to do an out route but LB completely alters his route and turns it into a corner route.)


Dalton rolls out and all of his targets are covered. He looks back to the inside, sees a running lane and takes it.


Dalton is quick enough to cross the goal line before any defender can get a hand on him. 8 yard touchdown run.

As we continue to look, we see Gruden is still switching things up in the red zone and still effectively scoring. Alfred Morris is going to be hard to stop in those goal-to-go situations. Jordan Reed (if healthy) is going to benefit from those short area play-action passes. Although the Redskins did add Andre Roberts, they still need to add a few more pieces if they're going to be able to be as diverse as they were in Cincinnati. With the draft less than 50 days away, it will be exciting to see who they add to try and achieve this goal.

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