Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Morgan Moses, OT

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Draft profile for a fan-favorite offensive tackle to target in the 2nd round

Morgan Moses

Offensive Tackle

Height: 6'6"  Weight: 314 lbs

40 Time: 5.35 sec


Strengths: He excels at engulfing defenders in the rushing attack. However, people look at him and assume he is nothing but a road grader, but his game is actually well balanced.  His exceptional frame and long arms (35 3/8") allow him to keep defenders engaged in both the run and pass game.  Uses his length and power to drive edge rushers far beyond the QB to establish a large pocket.  For a player of his size, he has quick enough feet to get out of his stance and prevent edge rushers from establishing a rushing arc.

Weaknesses: Plays small. Don't let his size and massive beard fool you, Moses lacks a mean streak. His pass pro game is missing an aggressiveness that you'd like to see out of an offensive tackle.  He has a tendency to slip off blocks in the run game because he relies so heavily on his length.  His kick-outs are too deep and not wide enough at times.  This puts his engaged defender and himself dangerously close to the QB in the pocket.  Has to improve on sitting down in his stance a bit more.

Bottom Line: Morgan Moses has played in 48 games in his college career at UVA and yet, he will come into the league needing to work hard to learn some nuances of his position.  Moses entered UVA at a whopping 350 lbs. He has since lost a lot of that weight but his weight maintenance will have to be monitored. Moses has the size and length to be dominant but he lacks the aggression.  Teams should see him as a worthwhile project that could develop into a adequate right tackle.

***Local Prospect Alert***: Morgan Moses calls Richmond, Virginia home. Also, he played Pop Warner football for the Henning Redskins.

Projected Round: 3rd

Teams He Fits Best On: Redskins, Texans, Seahawks.

Highlight Reel: vs. VTech. Watch around the 6:00-7:30. Shows recognition skills and patience to "stay at home" versus edge rushers.  On the other hand, you'll see a few whiffs.

Morgan Moses (LT Virginia) vs Virginia Tech 2013 (via Aimal Arsalla)

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