Jason Hatcher Discusses Role With The Redskins

Jason Hatcher held a conference call with Redskins beat writers today discussing his future in Washington.

Jason Hatcher officially became a Washington Redskin today, signing his 4 year, $27.5 million dollar contract.  Hatcher is coming from the Redskins' most hated division rival, the Dallas Cowboys, and had to have a baptism from Doc Walker on the radio to wash that stink away.  Hatcher held a conference with some Redskins beat reporters to discuss how he was signed, what playing in the NFC East means to him, and what his role will be on the team this year.  Details also emerged today on the structure of his contract.

Redskins Made An Offer He Couldn't Refuse:

"They kind of blew the doors off me," Hatcher said Friday afternoon in a conference call with reporters. "They were in the price range I was looking for, and it wasn’t all about the money at the end of the day. It was just about the fire those guys had for me as a player and the respect that they had. Those guys know that I can bring something to the table in this organization and help this team win, so that played a role in helping me make my decision."

NFC East Competition:

Further discussing the appeal of playing for the Redskins, he said, "Just the rivalry, man. Just to get back to smash-mouth football, and just to get back at the Cowboys. It’s going to be a very exciting game when I go back down there to play the Cowboys. I’m looking forward to it. That’s one of the main reasons, the rivalry, to stay in it. If you come out of here and win the Super Bowl, you’ve earned it. It’s one of the hardest divisions in football."

What Hatcher Brings to the Redskins:

Scheme Change/Hatcher's Role:

The Redskins have used a lot of two-gap schemes up front, but with a desire to apply more pressure they will use more one-gap schemes. So instead of a defensive lineman’s first step being lateral and worrying about two gaps, they can get upfield into a particular gap. It allows defensive linemen to be more aggressive.

Redskins coaches, according to Hatcher, plan to use the lineman in a variety of ways, however. The team uses the 3-4 front in base packages, but on passing downs, they shift to more of a 4-3. Hatcher said, based on talks with coaches during the courtship process and during his visit to Redskins Park Friday, he will not have one set position.

Hatcher's Contract Details:

Base salary: $1.5 million (fully guaranteed)
Cap hit: $3.75 million

Base salary: $3 million
Cap hit: $5.25 million

Base salary: $6.5 million
Cap hit: $8.75 million

Base salary: $7.5 million
Cap hit: $9.75 million

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