Hazard's Huddle: OG Shawn Lauvao vs. Cincinnati Bengals


An All-22 film breakdown of Shawn Lauvao vs the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Washington Redskins made a concentrated effort to get former Cleveland Browns OG Shawn Lauvao under contract early into the Free Agency period. But who is he? He wasn't a name that anyone tied to the Redskins organization in the months leading up to Free Agency yet there he was after inking a 4-year, $17 million deal. Bruce Allen and Morocco Brown are running personnel decisions but that doesn't mean Jay Gruden can't influence decisions. Gruden's Bengals faced off against Lauvao and the Browns twice a year so I looked at film from one of their games last year. These are the results:

The Good


#1. Shawn Lauvao is blocking Domata Peko on this run up the middle.


Lauvao makes good contact and controls him but doesn't have control of Peko's inside shoulder.


Lauvao is able to shuffle his feet and gain control of that inside shoulder, cutting off any angle Peko had at the ball carrier.


#2. This is Shawn Lauvao in pass protection.


Lauvao does a great job of getting hands extended and controlling defender. The defender then knocks his hands down.


But Lauvao shows athletic feet to shuffle, reset, and stay in front of the defender.


Not only does he stay in front of the defender, but he drives him all the way across the formation.


#2. Here's another play in pass protection.


After Lauvao shoves the defender and goes outside, Shawn looks back inside for someone to hit.


Lauvao goes all the way across formation and hits Vontaze Burfict.


#4. Once again, Lavao in pass protection.


Shawn does a good job getting his hands up and controlling the defender.


The defender does everything he can but Lauvao controls him for a solid 5 seconds.

The Bad


#1. Shawn Lauvao is blocking DT Brandon Thompson on this run.


You can't hit what you can't see. Lauvao needs to keep his head up here. Instead, his head is down, Brandon Thompson uses a swim move and Lauvao ends up on the ground.


#2. Lauvao is in pass protection here against Carlos Dunlap.


Dunlap gives an outside head fake and Lauvao opens up outside. Dunlap then crosses his face to the inside.


He is able to trip up Dunalp but Dunlap is around the QBs ankles as the ball comes out.


#3. Here's another play in pass protection.


The DT gets a good burst off the line. See how Lauvao doesn't get arms extended? Lauvao lets DT get into his pads.


The DT is then able to walk him right back into the QB. We saw far too much of that last year.


#4. Here is one last play in pass protection.


The DT takes an outside step. Lauvao once again doesn't use his arms efficiently. When a defender gets into your pads, its easier to control you and get by you.


This makes it easy for the defender to chuck Lauvao to the side and get a free run at Jason Campbell. Luckily for Campbell, Alex Mack sees the defender and is able to block him.

When watching Lauvao, you certainly get a mixed bag. He's good one play and poor the next. He needs to work on his consistency. At this point, hes a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker but is that a surprise? Gruden likes to throw the ball a lot and keeping Robert Griffin III healthy is his main priority. It seems like a lot of money for what Lauvao has put on the field so far, but he's young and plays with a mean streak. Shawn Lauvao has not hit his ceiling yet and it looks like Bruce Allen and company are banking on the coaches to get the most out of him.

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