Thick Skin'd: Free Agency Splurge Recap

Your recap of what went right and what went wrong in this week's edition of Thick Skin'd.

The first edition of Thick Skin'd asked the Hogs Haven community to get in touch with their inner Dan Snyders and used the Redskins caps space to get the one player that they covet beyond reason.  My choice was pretty damn unsexy compared to some of the options available.  But the smooth talking Steve Shoup knocked it out of the park with the first, and most recommended, comment of the post explaining why Alex Mack should be flying in on Redskins One March 11th.

It only took 39 minutes into the discussion for someone to claim the rules had been violated(by me) and by the end of the day we had hit them all.  I'm hoping next week's edition we can get it down to 3 rules violated, no hurt fee-fees, and world peace.

My personal favorite suggestions were from Bill-In-Bangkok, who made a very compelling case for breaking the Snyder bank for TE Jimmy Graham.  This was exactly the type of player I had in mind for this discussion, #1 FA at his position, big name, and likely not going to happen.

The other suggestion came from Skins Fan 77, who as usual, was dreaming about being a fan of a well run organization.  He wants Danny Boy to spend his money where it will do the most good for the team, coaching.  Clearly he cheated and was gaming the system by actually using logic and reason, but since this is the first edition of Thick Skin'd, we will allow it.

Wade Wilson – defensive coordinator, 34 defense of specialty.

Top 10 defense almost every year recently in every city he coaches in.

I win…
See you next week

Please excuse typos and extraneous text – I use speech to text software that does not work well on this site. 
Redskins fans deserve better from their owner – find ways to let him know – 
1. a new playing surface, how about this? 

Now I will open up the floor to any suggestions for weekly topics, anything else you want to see this week, or ways to improve Hogs Haven(No SkinsNJ, that doesn't mean complain about mock drafts, draft profiles, or the sun rising in the East).  Until next week rec buddies!

Roll Call!

# Commenter # Comments
1 HogHunter 34
2 SkinsNJ 21
3 Steve Shoup 19
4 PoliticallyInCorrect 15
5 Taylor263621 13
6 BillWard 9
7 DCSportsFan28 9
8 DC2AZ99 8
9 lovebaylor25 8
10 iH8dallas 7
11 rowseyna 7
12 Skins Fan 77 6
13 horatius 6
14 jrhooo 5
15 LeRibLover329 5
16 gavalon55 5
17 shally 3
18 Redskin44 3
19 gward90 2
20 travisjh86 2
21 Ken Meringolo 2
22 Figpucker 2
23 Blitzkrazy21 2
24 munson21502 2
25 Pzterp 2
26 ButchHttr 2
27 buck lateral 1
28 Tfoster 1
29 Brutus89 1
30 Aholt 1
31 mal0378 1
32 raekwon231 1
33 Bill-in-Bangkok 1
34 RedskinProdigy 1
35 vtskinsfan13 1
37 Asmaki 1
38 O-Rak-Po 1
39 andyedds 1
40 bigredfan 1
41 jgibbsfan1 1
42 dphenderSKINS 1
43 FireErnieNow! 1
44 fusfus10 1
45 dr WNC 1

Rec Party!

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
16 Steve Shoup Alex Mack all the way
9 iH8dallas I've got like $18.00 I can spot you.
8 jrhooo "Gotta get ’em all."
6 iH8dallas [no title]
6 iH8dallas How are you going to put the "nice rules" in place and then immediately throw a bucket of troll chum overboard by asking where the crazies are?
6 SkinsNJ You really have problems following the rules set forth at the top, don't you? I really don't care about your opinion. I don't value it at all.
5 jrhooo plus Florida has no income tax
5 SkinsNJ Firstly, it was a joke, but being that you went all mental and personal over it, yes you can just talk about free agency without posting a mock draft.
5 iH8dallas But I have to wonder, is staying in Cleveland a high priority for Mack?
4 SkinsNJ Get this mock nonsense out of my Free agency topic.
3 raekwon231 Only short term deals!!!
3 Bill-in-Bangkok There's only one answer -- Jimmy Graham
3 HogHunter Flagged
3 Ken Meringolo THIS a trick question?
3 Steve Shoup If they draft Bortles they do
2 HogHunter He's technically still going to be a FA...until he's not.
2 PoliticallyInCorrect OK Bruce....... here you go
2 travisjh86 Shouldn't have brought Space Ghost to a Pokemon party
2 HogHunter Too easy...
2 HogHunter The extra money they keep adding to the cap would pretty much cover his contract.
2 HogHunter It's scary out there.
2 Redskin44 [no title]
2 ButchHttr why the hype on Donald Butler? everyone is making him out to be this pro-bowl elite ILB
1 Taylor263621 I agree. I've been saying this for months.
1 SkinsNJ Hey Hunter, how about a Free agency post on a different position each day or each week. Do a poll with 5 or 6 realistic guys the redskins could potentially sign
1 BillWard No, what he's saying is:
1 horatius Not really her fault.
1 HogHunter NJ is hosting a recing ball for all his rec buddies.
1 Taylor263621 Anybody be against...
1 HogHunter Just added one more to the list.
1 horatius Sounds like RG3 fan-porn-fic.
1 Redskin44 [no title]
1 Ken Meringolo YES!!!
1 horatius So, is this considered productive or unproductive?
1 Steve Shoup Fred Davis approves this logo!
1 Skins Fan 77 Wade Wilson – defensive coordinator, 34 defense of specialty.
1 lovebaylor25 FA does
1 Skins Fan 77 Not being the Redskins 34 defense is a good thing in my opinion.
1 Skins Fan 77 stupid dictation program – even if it doesn't give Phillips any respect…
1 PoliticallyInCorrect I agree.. but have to get onboard that we're rolling with Haz
1 LeRibLover329 Jon Beason

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