The Best Case Scenario

34. Kyle Fuller (CB)>Bradley Roby(CB)>Stanley Jean-Baptiste (CB):

*Kyle Fuller will be a shut-down corner eventually but it will be nice to have him develop behind a veteran fellow hokie.

*Bradley Roby has every physical attribute of an elite NFL corner, he just needs polish.

*SJB will be a competent press 2 corner in the NFL but that’s not what interests me. This rangy ball hawk could transform into an elite free safety within a year or two.

-SJB is an investment in the future who has the potential to contribute this year on third downs and most definitely on ST.

66. Chris Borland (ILB):

*This is the guy you build a defense around. He has the heart, FBIQ, and knack for leadership that is required of a true team leader. This is the most imperative pick up in this draft. (I'd even spend a second rounder on him to guarantee it).

*Telvin Smith is another guy I like at

98. Cody Latimer (WR):

*He is my favorite sleeper in this years draft. I will put it this way... everything you like about Davante Adams, make it better and apply it this this young man. He is bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic, and more aggressive at the point of the ball.

- Thank God he did not run in the combine otherwise he would have leap-frogged an entire round. This is a must add receiver who will complement Garcon well. He will be everything that Hankerson has failed to be.


130. Seantrel Henderson (OT):

*Not a huge fan of this guy's attitude but when first-round fruit falls from the tree of talent, you dust it off and throw it on your salad. Hopefully money motivates this behemoth.

162. Jalen Saunders (WR):

*Another inexplicably underrated receiver! In my opinion, this guy is just what the doctor ordered for Washington. He has great speed, fantastic hands, and runs impeccable routes. You are looking at the answer to our KR/Slot WR problem right here. He is a steal in the 6th.


194. Zach Moore (DT)/Colt Lyerla (TE):

*tbh, I am not picky about the move here. Either give me a potential ST-hero or give me a troubled talent.


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