The Emergence of Jordan Reed and why I lacked faith in our secondary receiving core in 2013



I was and currently planning to do another draft profile (weird seeing retreads of draft profiles, but I digress) but instead I'm going for an opinion based post this time(accompanied with facts). During the Shanahan era, the fanbase was excited every draft day for picks that we would actually use and bring in young players that will make hopefully make significant contributions. There were current picks that haven't panned out (Hankerson, LeRibeus, Jenkins, Thompson) and picks that looked funny but was beneficial(Helu, Morris, Cousins, Reed). I want to focus on Reed since he was able to put the anyone in the receiving core not named Pierre Garcon to shame.

Now I would like to put into perspective those that a 3rd rd rookie had a more productive season than a over-the-mill vet (Moss, as expected), a vet who played like he was over-the-mill(Morgan), a Cerrato draft cast-off(Davis) and receivers with the knack of not getting it all together(Hankerson, Robinson). I could include Paulsen and Paul into this post but they're roles were not meant to be main receiving options. Helu would be another candidate if he had a bigger role in the offense other than a third down back or used in the turbo offense package. Nevertheless let's dive into my skepticism:

2013 stats:

Reed(9 games): 45 rec, 499 rec yds, 3 TDs (personal projection: 85 rec, 950 yds, 6 TDs)

Moss: 42 rec. 452 rec yds 2 TDs

Hankerson: 30 rec. 375 rec yds, 3 TDs

Robinson: 18 rec, 365 rec yds, 2 TDs

Morgan: 20 rec, 214 rec yds

Davis: 7 rec, 17 rec yds, 1 TS

Let's get this straight: A predetermined raw, 3rd pick rookie has outplayed veterans with at least 3 years of experience in only 9 games. I don't know whether I should be excited or freaking pissed off. Heck, I'll be both. It is known that Reed and Griffin did work on their chemistry while rehabbing together but that was a few months as compared to years with the other receivers. You can say Reed is talented but EVERYONE ON THIS ROSTER IS SUPPOSED TO BE TALENTED!!!!! Hankerson is a 3rd rd pick with 3 years of experience(He was injured but this should not affect his hands or concentration). Robinson has been considered a project. We gave Morgan 5 million to have half the production of Santana.

And Davis. Fred Davis. I can not and will not regret his eventually departure from this team even if he blows on the next team he joins(if he gets another chance). He is currently in Tarnard Jackson territory(remember him, neither do we) and is of no use to this team or any other team he joins. We know he is just as talented or even more talented than Jordan Reed. He is bigger, faster and (supposedly) more NFL-ready than Reed. SO WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!?!?!? We have wasted 6 years waiting for Davis to display the talent he teased time on and off the field and what did we get? Someone tell me because I don't know. But a rookie came in,outplayed him, did everything that Davis couldn't do in 9 games. I don't whether he had the Haynesworth-mentality that Shanahan would allow Davis to be a starter because he was a veteran but he learned the hard way that your job is not guaranteed in the NFL. And this excludes the other legal troubles he's in.

So anyone with common NFL knowledge can see that our receiving hierarchy goes from Garcon, Reed, [insert FA/draft signee], anyone else. Moss should retire as he played his best years in the past. Hankerson is coming off of ACL and will possibly start the year on the PUP list. Robinson needs to get his hands together and his route running intact. I would like to see Robinson/Williams duke it out for the slot receiver position. Morgan & Robinson: A ticket to the front door of Redskins Park. We knew thee well but they have been more trouble than they are worth. This even come on the heels of Reed fully recovering from concussion symptoms and cleared to practice. He has thankfully been a blessing in disguise but he shouldn't have been the safety valve this season. Ideally, he would have been a late game starter. Wee wouldn't have known how versatile he was. We wouldn't have known how far in advance he was as a player if the secondary receivers played their part.

But they didn't. The supporting cats failed and we had to use Reed sooner than we need to and unfortunately his season was cut short. What's worse: no one picked up from where the rookie left off.

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