Sunday Slop: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Scott Cunningham

A look at the top stories about the Redskins on the web.


Big changes to the middle of the Redskins Offensive Line | CSN Washington

This morning, we examined the Redskins' 2014 outlook for the interior offensive line. Now, Insiders Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler will give their take on the most pressing issue at the position: Should Jay Gruden make wholesale changes at guard and center?

Need to Know: 5 Best Redskins Performances in the Super Bowl | CSN Washington

Doug Williams XXII-Going into the second quarter Williams was four for 10 for 78 yards. It wasn't even certain that he would come out for the first snap of the second quarter after he with following a knee injury. But he came in, launched an 80-yard TD bomb to Ricky Sanders on his first snap of the second quarter and the rest is NFL history. He was 9 of 11 for 228 yards and four touchdowns.

Super Bowl XLVIII Preview Part 1 |

The Broncos and Seahawks matchup is the epitome of strength versus strength. Not only do you have the top offense and defense in terms of total yards allowed and gained- but this will be the fifth time since the AFL and NFL merged that the league's top-scoring offense played the top-scoring defense in the Super Bowl.

Redskins Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

In Part 1 of this week's Washington Redskins mailbag, the topics: Roy Helu in the passing game, Richard Crawford's progress, trading Kirk Cousins and whether they'd be interested in Jonathan Martin, should he become available. Part 2 will run Saturday.

Redskins Mailbag Part 2 | ESPN Redskins Blog

Even though the Redskins have a lot of cap room this offseason, they have so many needs and spots to fill defensively, that it could be tough to justify the money it would take to land Byrd. He's been more consistent than Jenkins, but the latter is coming off probably his best season. It would be good to not have to pay an exorbitant fee for a safety; if they could get Jenkins, a former corner, at a good price then sure that would be ideal because he offers some versatility. But I can't say I've looked a whole lot into either player just yet.

Why It's Okay for the Redskins to have 20-30 new faces next year |

Kirk Cousins Open to being Traded | ESPN NFL Blog

Cousins will not be eligible to be traded until March 11, but the Redskins are expected to receive calls from quarterback-needy teams.

Weekly Draft Q &A featuring Steve Shoup |

A look at some scouting terms, some of the top QB's in the class and a look at RB's and CB's.

Mark Mosley: HOF biased versus Kickers | ESPN Redskins Blog

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