Redskins free agency game: Construct your own roster

This is a fun concept of a game I came up with while reading posts and articles on free agency, which is coming up in a few short weeks.

I will provide a skeleton of a (starters only) roster below, to which you can add your own free agent additions. First I will go over a few assumptions:

I will assume Orakpo and Hall are back at cap hits of 8 and 3 million respectively. This allows you to compare other options at DL and ILB in free agency.

I will assume releases of Carriker (3 mil), Polumbus (2.5), Bowen (2 mil), Chester (2 mil) and Montgomery (2 mil).

This leaves us with roughly 28 million to play with in free agency. Assume a few depth signings and draft pick signings and we are down to around 23 million.

This is more to see where you would spend money on starting caliber players and which players in currently in the organization you would promote, with less of a focus on depth, which will be achieved largely in the draft. Just curious to see where fans would spend big money this year.

Let's play!

Current roster:

QB: Griffin
HB: Morris
FB: Young
3D: Helu

WR: Garcon
TE: Reed

LT: Williams
C: Lichtensteiger

DE: Jenkins
NT: Cofield

OLB: Orakpo
OLB: Kerrigan

CB: Hall
CB: Amerson

Copy and paste this into the reply field and add your choices in the blanks highlighted in bold.

Free agents: (dollar amount represents 2014 cap hit, not avg $ per year - most of these contracts will have escalators where the first year cap hit is low and it gradually increases year by year, in case some of these numbers seem low to you).

CB: A Verner (6.5 mil), V Davis (5 mil), A Talib (5 mil), W Thurmond (4 mil)

S: J Byrd (7 mil), T Ward (6.5 mil), D Whitner (4.5 mil), C Clemens (4.5 mil)

ILB: D Butler (5 mil), P Riley (4.5 mil), W Woodyard (4 mil), B Spikes (3 mil), A Moats (2.5 mil)

WR: J Edelman (4.5 mil), J Maclin (3.5 mil), H Nicks (3.5 mil), K Britt (3 mil)

DL: L Joseph (5 mil), B Raji (5 mil), P Soliai (4.5 mil), A Jones (4.5 mil),

RT: G Schwartz (3 mil), D Stewart (2 mil), E Winston (2 mil)

RG: G Schwartz (3 mil), Z Beadles (2.5 mil), J Asamoah (2 mil)

Feel free to go off the grid (provide reasonable cap hits) but I tried to include the guys whose names were tossed around most and are at the top of the free agent pool in each position. Also feel free to include some "bargain bin" and/or stopgap guys that you feel could come in and start right away for between 1-2.5 million per year.

Remember you have 23 million to spend, but the closer you are up against the cap, the less realistic your roster will look.

Let's see your dream lineups!

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