Bradley Roby-The Missing Link

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

-I want you all to know that I am very excited about the opportunity to preview Bradley Roby and share my insight on why pairing him with Amerson could give us potentially two of the best corners in the game. I've watched some of his film and will give you my views on why I believe he could be a lockdown corner.

-if you watch some of the following videos, it will give you an idea of how good Roby is at both reading routes and his ability to break on the ball. The kid can plant and go with the best of them

- You'll see Roby at the top of the screen, once again a great demonstration of route recognition

-Here is another one of Roby's strengths, the kid can press a blocking receiver and shed him at will, he does it consistently, and while he doesn't make the tackle here, he man handles the receiver and puts himself in position to make the play

- Is Roby perfect? Of course not, kid peaks in a little to much trying to make a play, but guess what, he gets caught and still makes the play, his recovery here is very impressive, I haven't seen a CB read the receivers eyes and make a play on the ball without looking, quite like Roby can

- At the bottom of your screen BRob does a nice job here jamming the receiver and getting him off his route, while it looks like he's in a cover 2 look he gets off the receiver and covers his flat responsibility and makes the tackle

- The guy is a special teams phenom, he not only could return punts, he can do this for the team

- His tackling is very consistant for a corner, and its a breath of fresh air to watch this guy wrap up which I've seen him to time and time again in film, situationally (mostly on one on one situations)

-Here you will see Roby weave through the traffic (this play reminds me of what Wes Welker made a living on, and trust me this is one of the hardest routes to cover) and again success

-Everyones asking, "but Frazier, what about the Wisconsin game? I heard he got lit up?" Let me explain to you what happened that game, it was a game of peaking into the backfield, but to say he didn't have some big plays is an understatement, so let me show you some of the good, and the ugly

- The good:

- And the ugly, honestly he got caught looking into the backfield, correct that and keep him focused on his assignment and he's a potential shutdown guy, but he does need some work

- See a reoccurring theme here? He again, is beat on a double move, strictly b/c he peaked in the backfield, a lot of these plays were long to develop and again its correctable to get him to focus on his job his man only

- Guy has a great press off the line, completely pins him to the sideline, Abbrederis's speed doesn't match with Roby, but guess what, Abbrederis is a baller and gets away with a little push; Roby, although he plays it perfectly, just got hands down beat this time

- Again caught on a double move and peaking in the backfield, very correctable IMO

- After watching that Wisconsin game I'm not quite sure why everyone thinks that Roby got beat down. A lot of Abbrederis's catches were when Ohio State was in zone coverage and it was not Roby's man. - While I know I pointed out that Roby likes to cheat sometimes and look at the quarterback, lets not forget all the intangibles - This kid is extremely quick, has great hips, great ball skills and a phenomenal feel for the game. He is the real deal here folks and I am a huge fan of him coming here. While he does lack size I've watched quite a few of the "Seahawks" Style corners and came away very unimpressed. This guy is a plug and play player

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