Let's give Jay Gruden a Hogs Haven welcome!!!!



We finally filled one of the many major holes in the organization with a month away before the Superbowl. This was needed as the media had (and will continue) to smite this franchise until we had a head coach. As usual, uniformed media member threw out big name coaches that were far-fetched(i.e Cowher) and labeled us as dysfunctional with no direction. Basically, the same ole, same ole story they used in the pre-Allen era. It's a wonder how repetitive they are.

But that doesn't matter now. From a list of candidates (and connections), Jay Gruden will be leading the Washington Redskins from here on out. This signing wasn't out of the blue but it wasn't too flashy either. From the coaching brackets post, we already know that:

-He has previous HC experience in the UFL and AFL.

-Has NFL experience with his brother as an offensive assistant in Tampa Bay and was the OC of the Bengals the past three years. Went to the playoffs each year with a top 10 balanced offense(8th in passing(258.7 per game), 18th in rushing(109.7 per game), 6th in pts scored(26.9 per game).

-Reports from acquaintances (Allen, Haslett and Thiesmann) is that he has a good reputation, football knowledge, knows how to work with coaches and is fiery when he needs to be. Let's hope this all gels.

While Gruden hasn't officially made any coaching changes, it is assumed that everyone will stay where they were reported (unless otherwise). I know fans would like more defensive minded HC or another candidate but this isn't a scrub that Allen found next to the dumpsters at Fedex Field. And who knows, maybe Allen interviewing the other candidate was a ruse in order to gather intel into their organization (as some of the candidate are our future opponents) and Gruden was his guy all along. WHO CARES?!?!

We got our guy and the media circus will die down in a few days until they find another topic to hassle us about(we got plenty). We're giving Gruden what every almost every new HC would like:

-Job security(5 year deal reportedly)

-Draft picks(I know we don't have our 1st rd pick but I look at it as not having a #2 overall pick salary attached to us. Just looks at how much we're paying Griffin as opposed to the other players).

-Salary cap($25 million guaranteed even with the resigning of Orapko & Riley).

-A solid core of talented players with no baggage attached.

Will this make Gruden's tenure a successful (first one in my lifetime)? All I can say is that hindsight is 20/20 and I will not wish for any HC of the Redskins to fail here. And to that, let's welcome Gruden to the Redskins family and hope for many victories(titles and Superbowls) for years to come.

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