A little coaching perspective

I thought I'd just post some stats on two of the main contenders for our next head coach.The two teams the Redskins will compete against in the next year under our new head coach and staff and beyond are the Seahawks and the 49er's. Two of their assistant coaches are candidates for the head coaching job here, Darrell Bevell and Greg Roman. both can provide intel on the strengths and weaknesses of their current teams. So here's a little perspective on both since their intro into the NFL.

Darrell Bevell
2006 Brought into the NFL as an offensive assistant under Brad Childress and the Vikings.
2009 Named Offensive Coordinator where he helped coach Brett Farve and the Vikes to a 12-4 record and Farve to his career best 107.2 QB rating.
2010 the Vikes went 6-10 and Childress got fired mid-season with a 3-7 record, Leslie Frazier was made interim coach and finished the season 3-3. Farve injured his ankle, had surgery which didn't respond and retired prior to camp.
2011 Not retained with the Vikings and hired by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks as OC. The team went 7-9 and their offense ranked 28th in the NFL.
2012 Team with Tavaris Jackson and Matt Flynn as QB's. Drafted Russel Wilson in the 3rd round and Carroll stated "It was Bevell's project". Team finished 11-5 with the 17th ranked offense in the NFL.

Comment: His best coaching season was 2009 with a HOF QB who was always considered a gunslinger. It's a consideration to wonder how much of Bevell's offense was catered to Farve and his talents rather than whatever offense Bevell had developed over his time in the NFL....something similar to anybody who would coach Payton Manning. With that in mind his work with Wilson in 2012 and 2013 is the biggest basis for his coaching of RGIII in the future.

Greg Roman
1995-2001 Hired as offensive line assistant with Carolina Panthers
2002-2005 Tight ends/quarterbacks coach with the Houston Texans
2006-2007 Hired by the Baltimore Ravens as offensive line assistant.
2008 Left NFL and coached high school team as their offensive coordinator.
2009-2010 Hired as offensive coordinator at Stanford Univ. under Jim Harbaugh.
2011-present as offensive coordinator for the 49er's under Harbaugh. Offense ranked 26th in 2011, 11th 2012, 5th in 2013.
Team went 13-3 in 2011 under Alex Smith as QB but team ranked 29th in total passing yards. Kapernick played weeks 4-5 when Smith had a concussion and week 13. Colin Kapernick played only three games in 2011 with a QB rating of 81.3, 2012 thirteen games with a QB rating of 98.3, 2013 sixrteen games with a QB rating of 91.6.

Comment: Basic offensive coordinator experience is only from 2009 to 2013 with two of those years in college.

Neither coordinator has long term experience directiing an NFL offense and neither flourished in the NFL until drafting exceptional quarterbacks. Bevell with Wilson and Roman with Luck at Stanford and Kapernick at San Francisco. Fact is with the latter he sat on the bench most of his first year and replaced "game manager" Alex Smithin 2012.

The source of their records and statistics is NFL Statistics and Wikipedia

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