Offseason Blue Print: Who to keep and who to let go

The coming off season is going to be one of the more crucial off seasons for the Redskins in recent years. They need to find a new head coach and offensive coordinator, they need to decided whether or not the current coordinators like Haslett will stay or not, they need to make decisions on whether or not they want to resign some of their free agents or not, they need to bring in free agents to help fill multiple needs, and they need to make sure they have a solid draft with only having six picks and no first rounder again.

Let's take a look at the current Redskins free agents:

Brian Orakpo: Orakpo had a slow start to kick off the season but was solid in the second half, collecting 10.5 sacks and being named as an alternate to the Pro Bowl. Orakpo was making plays left and right towards the end of the season while Kerrigan was no where to be found. Orakpo will most likely be commanding top dollar this off season, somewhere similar to what Clay Matthews got when he resigned with the Packers. However, there are injury concerns when it comes to Orakpo. He has stated he wants to return to DC but Washington should only bring him back if the price is right. Orakpo is a great player but is not elite and with his injury history, should not be brought back if he is commanding top dollar. Resign if price is right

Perry Riley: With London Fletcher retiring, it is widely assumed that Riley will take over London's spot at linebacker. Riley was solid again this season, molding into a tackling machine just like Fletcher. Riley is a definite must when it comes to resigning free agents. He is solid on defense and should definitely be brought back. Definite Resign

Deangelo Hall: Hall had one of his best seasons as a Redskins. Often times he was matched up with the opposing team's star receiver. This season he faced the challenges of Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Desean Jackson, and Roddy White. Hall was able to hold his own for the most part, racking up 4 interceptions and three touchdowns. Hall was resigned on a one year deal after receiving little interest on the free agent market. Hall played well enough to earn another contract by Washington for three years at most. Resign

Fred Davis: Davis was brought back on a one year show me deal. He received little interest on the market and agreed to come back to Washington so he could prove that he was one of the best tight ends in the league. Davis ended the season with 7 catches for 70 yards and 1 touchdown. Rookie Jordan Reed replaced Davis in the starting line up and Davis found himself inactive until Reed was injured. Davis will likely look for as much money as possible but don't look for Davis to come back to Washington, especially with the emergence of Reed. Not-Resigned

Josh Morgan: This past off season it was thought that Morgan would play a bigger role in the offense and could potentially break out as the Redskins number 2 receiver. He looked more explosive in training camp as well. This season was another disappointment for Morgan. He found himself inactive a couple games and goes down as another terrible free agent signing by the Redskins. I do not see Morgan coming back next year. Not resigned

Santana Moss: Moss was a big part of the offense last season when Washington went 10-6. This year was a different story as Moss was basically non existent in the offense. He started to become more involved towards the end of the season, but his lack of use showed as Moss dropped many passes that came his way. Moss is getting older too. The only way I see Moss coming back is if Washington is unable to find a younger alternative as their slot receiver. If they can't find anyone, look for Moss to come back on a one year deal. 50-50 chance

Josh Wilson: Wilson was often times the victim of big plays this season. He was solid in the run game and finishing tackles but was burned time and time again on the big plays. He became a liability in the secondary to cap off a very inconsistent signing by the Redskins. I do not see Wilson coming back to Washington as they will likely use their available cap space to make upgrades in the secondary. Not Resigned

EJ Biggers: Biggers was brought in this off season on a one year deal for depth purposes. He came cheap and could have potentially been the third corner. With money to spend, upgrades are likely and the only way Biggers returns is if Washington is unable to make significant upgrades through free agency. Not resigned

Reed Doughty: Doughty has been a mainstay in Washington for years. He has often found himself starting due to injuries or lack of depth. Doughty has been reliable in filling in at safety for Washington and has been a solid presence on a rather poor special teams unit. Doughty has performed well enough to return to Washington for depth purposes. Resigned

Chris Baker: Baker is a young big body that can make his presence felt on the defensive line. He filled in well due to injuries and got significantly better as the year went on. If Baker can continue to work and progress like he has been, look for him to return to Washington and potentially start if Bowen is a cap casualty. Resigned

Rob Jackson: Jackson played well last season when Orakpo went down for the season. This season was a different story. He was suspended at the beginning of the year for violating the league's rule on performance enhancing drugs. After his return Jackson didn't do much as Orakpo stayed healthy. Jackson will likely look for the opportunity to start or earn more playing time on another team this off season. Not resigned

Aldrick Robinson: Robinson has the speed and big play potential Washington could always use. He was beginning to become more consistent at the end of the year when Hankerson went down to injury. If Robinson can continue to develop and possibly take over the slot receiver role, look for him to return next year. Resigned

Bryan Kehl: He was one of the leaders on the special teams unit this year before going out with an injury. He had a solid preseason and had a good start to the season. Kehl will likely come back to training camp to fight for a spot and look to make an impact on special teams. Resigned

Darryl Tapp: He had a solid training camp and preseason and did well spelling Kerrigan whenever he needed a break. Tapp also did some work on the line and performed well for a backup. If Tapp is brought back it is for depth purposes. 50-50 chance

Jose Gumbs- He was a long shot to make the roster but with a strong training camp and preseason, he earned himself a roster spot. He was able to play special teams and even recorded an interception this season. He is young and is a hard hitter. If Gumbs can continue growing he could very well earn back another invite to training camp. Camp Resigning

Dezmon Briscoe- He is a young and big receiver. He missed all year after being injured in preseason but when healthy failed to make an impact in games. There will likely be many upgrades at the receiver position this season and Briscoe will most likely not be resigned. Not resigned

Nick Barnett: He was a backup to Fletcher and spelled Fletcher whenever he needed a break in games. Barnett was solid as a backup and added another veteran presence on defense. Barnett will most likely look for a starting spot on another team this year and if he can't, he may come back to Washington as a backup to a rather young line backing corp assuming Washington finds another young linebacker to fill Fletcher's spot. Most likely not resigned

Rex Grossman: He has been a third string quarterback since Griffin and Cousins arrived and the only reason he was kept around was to help mentor the two young quarterbacks and because he was familiar with Kyle Shanahan's system. Well now that the Shanahan's are gone, Washington could potentially look to add another younger back up quarterback to play for the league minimum. Grossman is also looking for a chance to compete for a starting job so look for him to look over all his options this off season. Not resigned

Tell me who you think should and should not be resigned this off season

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