If We Really Want To Follow Seattle's Secondary Mold . .

First of all let me preface this post by saying that while they are great and the top unit in the NFL let's not get caught up in the hype and act like the Legion of Boom is perfect and has no flaws. While Richard Sherman is arguably the best corner he has been beaten before, or while Kam Chancellor is probably the most feared safety the NFL has seen since the late great #21 he does have trouble covering the middle of the field sometimes. But so what this is the NFL these types of things happen so let's not expect this unit I propose to hold people to less than 100 passing yards per game or be all world.

I think we got a good start on starting to build our secondary like Seattle's with our first draft pick last year:

DAVID AMERSON: At almost 6'2 Amerson is a very long corner with '32 5/8 inch arms who has the ability to play press man coverage especially with a year under his belt. He has great speed (4.44 40 yard dash) and has almost unprecedented ball skill i.e his interception against San Diego. Although a knock on him coming out of college Amerson has shown the willingness and ability to stick his head in there in the run game. Amerson is faster than both Browner and Sherman and possesses a unique skill set in which he can develop into a top corner in the league with more fine tuning on his technique and eye discipline.

We also drafted a ballhawking safety who missed all of last year due to injury.

PHILLIP THOMAS: Thomas missed the entire season due to injury but I believe this missed time gave him an opportunity to learn and mentally slow the game down for him. Coming into the 2013 draft he had led the nation in interceptions and showed exceptional instincts to find the football. I think Thomas is best suited for the free safety role as Mike Mayock stated during the draft he was the best "ball hawking free safety" in the class. While Phillip is not as fast sideline to sideline as Earl Thomas I believe he has the instincts to make up for what he lacks in foot speed. He's a tad bit bigger than Earl to at 6'0 210 lbs.

Now here is where we complete our "No Fly Zone" Secondary with a few offseason acquisitions

DRAFT STANLEY JEAN-BAPTISTE: At 6'3 215 lbs Jean-Baptiste is a freaky physical specimen at a boundary corner position. He also has near '33 inch arms and has excelled in press coverage, he is projected to run around the 4.45 range and has displayed tremendous ball skills (came to Nebraska as a wide receiver). Having played cornerback for less then 3 years he is far from a finished project but he is the type of impact player you take a waiver on. His career path is eerily similar to Seattle's Richard Sherman. His stock has risen with a great showing at the senior bowl.

Now here is where we have a little fun:

ACQUIRE TAYLOR MAYS: Now I know I might be ridiculed for this suggestion but here me out. I know Mays has been somewhat of a bust in the NFL so far but he is a freak of nature as a physical specimen. At 6'3 230 lbs he is of similar body type as Kam Chancellor and is faster then Chancellor (Mays 4.43 40 as compared to Chancellor 4.59). He was put in the wrong system during his days in San Fran remember he played under Singletary not Harbaugh and never really seized his opportunity in Cincinnati. I believe if you let Mays play closer to the box as he has stated desire to do, he can be a terror on a defense that plays fast. Gruden may take a flier on Mays after seeing what he has been able to do in practices for the last three seasons. Mays pis a boom or bust signing but one thing he has been able to do during his stint in the NFL is play special teams and we all know how much help we need there. I believe he has all the capabilities to be the enforcer in or ballhawking, long, athletic secondary.

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