Offseason plans: The Needs and the Resources to address them

AAAAH, Can you feel it?

A new coaching staff, bowl games are finished and a new offseason is about to begin. That being said, he have most of our draft picks (thus far) and about if not over 30 million in cap space. We are in good position to address most (if not all and probably not) all of our needs. This is an assessment to positions where we are projected to have openings and/or have lack of talent that cannot be ignored. Availability also plays into the distribution of resources.

Needs: OL(OG, RT, C), FS, ILB, WR, DL, CB

This is a good overview. Some positions we can fill in FA, some we have to use the draft, some we can use both.

OL: The reason why I listed as OL because we need to fix the right side of our line. While we can find RT and interior OL in FA, they tend to get expensive(especially RT). So I have to give two separate grades of OL since they require different resources to solve both unless we get lucky and find them cheap.

Results:RT: Draft, OG: FA, C:Either

FS: There is a chance that we could find a decent non-Jarius Byrd FS solution in FA. We could also find FS in the draft(Clinton-Dix, Pryor, Brooks). Or we can ignore all together and hope that Rambo improves. This is a wildcard being that we have addressed this before but it is not up to snuff.

Result: Either

ILB: This is another one that can go either way(The trend will end soon). This is one of easiest positions to fill as you don't need to spend too much money or spend a high draft pick to find a starter. It's a blessing that I hope is solved immediately since it is also a fundamental part of our current 3-4 defense.

Results: Either

WR: With Hankerson recovering from ligament surgery, Morgan becoming a FA, Moss retiring or not returning. The next man up for the No. 2 option is Aldrick Robinson........I'm not thrilled either. I would like to break the bank for Eric Decker but outside of him, there are no other viable, healthy FA options. It looks like we are looking to the draft for this one.

Results: Draft

DL: I prefer to do the FA route this time as I feel it is would easier to fill the need there than having to wade through the draft. Linval Joesph anyone? A low rd draft pick wouldn't be worth it and higher pick shouldn't be used since this isn't the biggest need of the team.

Results: FA

CB: This one is not a big of an issue as we can just resign Hall or search the FA market. If we do neither, than we have to use another high pick on this position. Let's make this easy on ourselves.

Results: FA(resign)

So for my projected results for the offseason:


Draft: FS, WR, RT

As for the 2014 NFL draft slots:

2nd: RT, FS, WR, ILB

3rd: RT, FS, WR, ILB,

4th: RT, WR, ILB

5th-7th: Developmental/High upside picks(DL, OG, C, CB, WR)

And that's how I have it this year. Thoughts?

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